April 14, 2022 — Shani Shoham

Without a doubt, you’ve become familiarized with the phrase “good/bad vibes” in your life. It’s a phrase commonly thrown around these days, but few realize how much deeper it goes than just attributing it to someone’s general demeanor or as an assessment of a situation. In the 60s, when the Beach Boys released their hit song, “Good Vibrations” took root in pop culture and is still very much used today. As it turns out, vibrations are so much more than oscillating waves we can perceive with our five basic senses. Our sixth sense is much more perceptive. When we’re in touch with ourselves, our intuition can acutely assess vibrational energy emanating from a person, a place, or even a situation. You just know. So, dear Lightworker, we’ve chosen to explore this topic and share our findings with you.

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