The Purpose of the Twin Flame

The Purpose of the Twin Flame

In this eye-opening video, Sarah Elkhady (known by her pseudonym ‘The Alchemist’), explores and explains the purpose of the twin flame connection in our lifetime. Sarah expounds on the differences in the connections between soulmates, karmic connections, and twin flames.

Much like the duality found in Metatron’s cube, the twin flame’s bond is a direct mirror-image of the other’s soul. At first, this manifestation can be tumultuous, as all the unhealed wounds, traumas, and triggers are reflected in the twin flame’s partner. 

This deep soul connection serves as a guiding light in the ascension process to new levels of consciousness, by allowing one to confront that which is out of alignment in oneself and reflected in the other.

Have you found your twin flame? To learn more and find out, watch this video.

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