April 14, 2022 — Oliver Raahauge

Everyone is familiar with the placebo effect, where a person can heal their condition by the mere belief in a treatment, even when that treatment has no therapeutic value or effect. However, there is also a little-known inverse effect, called the 'Nocebo Effect', in which one's mind can actually induce illness and disease within one's body by shutting down the immune system. But what brings this about?

In this must-watch video, Dr. Joe Dispenza reveals how stress over an extended period of time can 'push' genetic buttons that trigger disease and illness in the body. Many people around the world are living in this state of constant stress, which he calls the 'Survival' state. Dispenza offers that if we can understand how our emotions affect our body, then we can also understand how to take back control over our health and bring our bodies and minds back into alignment, in what he calls a 'Creation' state.

Learn how to use your mind to consciously change your body and your life below!

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