April 14, 2022 — Oliver Raahauge

Wim Hof, known also by his alias “The Ice Man”, is a Dutch extreme athlete who has gained notoriety by defying science’s understanding of the human body time and time again. He has broken various world records for his ability to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures_ including running a marathon in the Arctic Circle barefoot, climbing the world’s tallest mountains in nothing but shorts, and swimming underneath ice for 66 meters. Hof gives credit to his breathing technique which has enabled him to regulate his body temperature, heart rate, and circulation in such a way that has challenged modern science’s understanding of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the body’s immune response. Thought to be solely involuntary, Hof proved that the autonomic nervous system can be willfully influenced through his breathing technique. 

Puzzled by this enigma, researchers were eager to conduct experiments to test the validity of this medical anomaly. In 2014, Hof participated in a study whereby he was injected with an endotoxin, a bacteria that triggers the immune system to produce mass amounts of inflammatory cells that cause a violent fever, headaches, and nausea. The results were extraordinary. Upon conducting all the tests and analyses, test results showed researchers that Wim was able to control his cortisol levels and suppress the inflammatory cells so much so that he did not experience nearly any adverse effects from the injection. Determined to prove that he is not alone in his ability, Wim Hof shares his technique with the world. 

His method promises to boost energy, allow for better sleep, reduce stress levels, heighten focus, increase willpower, and strengthen the immune system. Curious about what it can do for you?

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