April 13, 2022 — Oliver Raahauge

With viruses and vaccinations as the subjects on most everyone’s lips and at the forefront of everyone's minds over the last two years, heated debates about the decisions one makes regarding them are sure to ensue.

Far too often, when suggesting skepticism in that regard, one is met with the inevitable, “So, you don’t believe in science?” A rhetorical question, asked with the intent of shaming and disarming its’ receiver, is both wildly ridiculous and incredibly revealing. Its’ implications are three-fold: one, that science, like religion, is a belief system. Secondly, that to ‘believe’ in science contains an all-or-nothing clause- to believe means you do not question it. Lastly, that if you do not ‘believe’ in it, you must be either ignorant or arrogant.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake delivers an impassioned speech said to be banned from TedTalk describing this very phenomenon, which has amassed a globalized fanatic cult army_ those who "believe in science". This ideology, he suggests, is what has come to “inhibit and constrict the free inquiry which is the very lifeblood of the scientific endeavor’. Ironically, the staunch 'believers' of science effectively hinder its' development. In the must-watch video, Dr. Sheldrake offers a radical perspective on science and its 'believers' that is sure to blow your mind...

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