The Fibonacci Sequence_ Nature’s Secret Code?

The Fibonacci Sequence: Nature’s Secret Code?

Leonardo Bonaci, more commonly known as Fibonacci, was regarded as the world's most talented mathematician in the Middle Ages. Among his many accomplishments and profound discoveries, Fibonacci introduced a sequence of numbers in his book Liber Abaci that has come to be known as Fibonacci's sequence. Each number in this sequence is made up of the sum of the two preceding numbers. Many patterns have been found within this sequence, such as the golden ratio (1.618...) and its inverse (0.618..). Fibonacci's sequence, the Golden Ratio, and the Golden Spiral are all mathematical patterns found throughout nature. It is found in the spiral patterns of leaves, in the distribution of petals on flowers, the branches of trees, and within many seashells. There are even claims that the pattern appears within the human body! Coincidence? Or is it possible that this famed sequence governs the architecture of our Universe?

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