April 13, 2022 — Oliver Raahauge

Free-speech advocate and public personality Russell Brand addresses the ironic narrative shift that we are seeing now in the mainstream media surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the efficacy of the protocols mandated by governments, and the lack of transparency of the CDC when called to release long-awaited vaccine data.

He calls into question a statement from a CDC representative of communication, Kristen Nordlund, who recently explained that the hesitancy to release all this information is that it may be "misinterpreted" and "that, basically, at the end of the day it's not yet ready for prime time". Brand's unforgiving and scathing take offers a refreshing perspective on the draconian 'emergency' measures taken by various government agencies under the guise of the "safety" and "protection" of their people, and the rebranding of censorship as 'misinformation'.

While the media industriously circulates other 'flares' like mass amounts of coverage on the war in Ukraine, those of us who have learned to discern truth from lies have already become too familiarized with the distraction tactics they implement to shift our focus elsewhere...

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