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What is GFL?

Galactic Federation of Light Apparel is a universal brand based in Los Angeles, CA.

As dedicated light workers, our passion is spreading powerful messages of positivity and unity through our clothing.

After emigrating from Israel, GFLā€™s founder Dotan Shoham built a presence in the American fashion industry through the creation of his garment dye house, Pacific Blue.Having fully embraced the LA bohemian lifestyle, Dotan partnered with his sister, Osi Shoham Ettlinger to design and launch their first clothing line, Gypsy05.

Building on Gypsy05ā€™s success, Dotanā€™s commitment to sustainability, unity, and spirituality is the driving force behind his newest venture, GFL.

We invite you to take part in our mission of elevating our unified consciousness; extending knowledge, truth, and light to all beings

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