From the people
From the people
This tshirt means a lot to me, I love the colors, the beautiful mantra and the love that it spreads and I will spread every time wearing it. I will get a backup because I plan to use it a lot 🫣🩷
— Anonymous Light Worker
From the people
Wow, amazing clothes, amplifying my vibration and my intentions to the next level. Things that have been in the pipeline got a head start. Thank you
— Kiran D. Jutley
From the people
Such a beautiful Tee! The fabric is soooo soft, it’s the most comfortable shirt I own now! Shipment came in very fast too! Fits perfect! Highly recommend!
— Kelly Lee
From the people
I am a empath and tarot reader and love sporting the brand. The quality is superb! I have worn the clothing while doing live on TikTok and have posted videos wearing the clothing. I got many compliments on it. I will be buying more clothing soon.
— Erika Browne
From the people
The Tim Tactics limited edition tee is the absolute perfect shirt. As a small business apparel company I was extremely satisfied with the quality and feel of this garment. It truly is radiant, and infused with love and light. As the message reads All Shift Happily Now indeed. Thank you Galactic Federation of Light Earth and of course Tim Tactics for the most exhilarating collaboration. The thoughtfulness of the hand written card from Tim was next level. The packaging was even gorgeous and so fun to open. It was experience buying this lovely tee.
— Megan Haag
Stripe of Light
Stripe of Light
Every piece in our collection features our signature hand-dyed Stripe of Light, intentionally made to look like the atmosphere, representing the wisdom that comes from above.

About the GFL Family

The Galactic Federation of Light, a meditation clothing brand, was founded in 2020 by Dotan Shoham along with his two daughters, Shani and Tevelle. Deeply inspired to create a community for Light Workers, GFL emerged as a New Age clothing brand and movement for connecting like-minded individuals who embody the brightness within.


Our mission is to bring light to every corner of the world, and we need your help! Tag us in your GFL meditation clothes bringing light to the darkest places with the hashtags #lightworkerproject & #gflearth 

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At Galactic Federation of Light, we are more than just a clothing brand; we are a movement dedicated to uniting Light Workers around the globe. As a leading provider of spiritual clothes, our designs are inspired by the very essence of meditation fashion, blending timeless wisdom with modern aesthetics. Discover our unique range of outfits, ranging from Angel Number hoodies to our sophisticated Sacred Geometry shirts, all crafted to support your journey towards higher consciousness.

Each piece in our collection is a testament to our commitment to spreading positivity, unity, and enlightenment. From our stylish New Age clothing for men to our spiritual dresses for women, every item is made with love and intention right here in the USA.

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By choosing our brand, you are not only enhancing your wardrobe but also aligning with a community of like-minded souls dedicated to uplifting mankind. Our clothing is at the forefront of New Age fashion, offering styles that allow you to express your personal truth and dedication to a brighter future.

Stand out and spread light with our transcendent clothing lines. Whether it's through our vibrant spiritual pants or our impactful 444 hoodies, you have the power to broadcast a message of love and unity. Our popular Light Worker hats and spiritually charged tees are perfect for those who wish to make a statement in their everyday lives.

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