From the people
From the people
“I want to express my gratitude for how thoughtful your company was. The clothes are beautiful! Everything about how the clothing was packaged speaks volumes on your professionalism. How you took the time to include a written personalized note melted my heart. Truly beautiful! May the light bless you and love guide you.”
— Michaela Myers
From the people
“Empowering! Increased Synchronicity, and Connection bc so many people ask about the numbers.. And their clothes are so soft!I love the GFL clothing brand! 🌟💜”
— Jane Lovascio
From the people
“LOVE MY PURCHASE <3 Love my Lightworker tee and scarf. Thank you so much for the ongoing exceptional service. What an amazing way to spread love and light through your apparel. I have already been asked what a light worker is, great conversation starter! Anytime I reach out by email Shani is always so helpful and kind as well as the team. So many amazing articles on the blog. I will be back to order more soon! Lea”
— Lea Crotta
From the people
“I can live in this hoodie This hoodie is so magical it exudes 5D vibes. The quality and thoughtful details is worth the investment. I’m quite petite and grabbed a size L which fits totally oversized and comfy."
— Rachel Singer
From the people
“Love GFL clothing, super soft and comfortable to wear…clothing with a message and a purpose!”
— Kellee Gargan
Stripe of Light
Stripe of Light
Every piece in our collection features our signature hand-dyed Stripe of Light, intentionally made to look like the atmosphere, representing the wisdom that comes from above.

About the GFL Family

The Galactic Federation of Light is a brand that was founded in 2020 by Dotan Shoham, alongside his two daughters Shani and Tevelle. Deeply inspired to create a community for Light Workers, the GFL brand emerged as a movement for connecting like-minded individuals who embody the light within.


Our mission is to bring light to every corner of the world, and we need your help! Tag us in your GFL gear bringing light to the darkest places with the hashtags #lightworkerproject & #gflearth 

Light Workers IRL

Share your latest looks with #LightworkerProject & #gflearth for a chance to be featured!

Galactic Federation of Light

Calling All Light Workers!

The Galactic Federation of Light is on a mission to bring all Light workers together. Our team of dedicated Light workers constantly searches for other enlightened beings like you to help spread our message.

Our goal is to be the beacon of hope for mankind – pushing us toward the next level of Bliss (5D) Consciousness.

Through the uplifting messages of positivity and unity on our clothing, we dedicate ourselves to elevating our minds by extending knowledge, truth, and light to all beings.

Our Values: Inside and Out

At Galactic Federation of Light, our five core values define our inner-selves and our outerwear:






Help us spread these values to all beings by supporting our Los Angeles-based clothing brand. We focus on progressing toward the future, while staying tied to our spiritual origins.

You can manifest your own light every day and spread powerful messages of positivity and unity with our new apparel lines. Let others know that you are taking part in the mission to elevate your own consciousness, along with our shared, universal, and collective consciousness.

By supporting our sustainable venture and joining our legion of light workers, you are affirming your own truth and extending that knowledge to everyone around you.

Shining Light in The City of Angels

Display your gifts of love and light with the chic designs of Galactic Federation of Light’s urban collections. Made right here in the USA, GFL’s offerings will fit all your needs with effortless style.

Broadcast your support for a better, more enlightened future for the world by clothing yourself in our spiritual and futuristic hoodies and tees. Our popular light worker hats signal to others that you support our mission on your own spiritual journey.

Join our collective mission toward becoming that beacon of hope for mankind today with any of our custom apparel!