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The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) is a visionary clothing brand that was founded in 2020 by Dotan Shoham, alongside his two daughters Shani and Tevelle. Deeply inspired to create a community for Light Workers, the GFL brand emerged as a beacon of unity and purpose. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, our company was brought to life with the powerful intention of sparking a movement and connecting like-minded individuals who embody the light within.

Dotan Shoham, the founder and visionary leader of the Galactic Federation of Light, spearheads our mission to empower and uplift individuals on their spiritual journeys. With unwavering dedication, Dotan brings his unique insight and passion to guide the company towards its transformative goals.

At the forefront of our creative endeavors is Shani, our Creative Director and Production Manager. With an artistic flair and a deep understanding of the Light Worker community, Shani ensures that every GFL product reflects our values and resonates with our audience. Her keen eye for design and impeccable attention to detail help shape our clothing into vessels of self-expression and unity.

Driving our global outreach and social media presence is Tevelle, who leads the charge as our social media strategist and manager. With a strong belief in the power of digital platforms to connect individuals across the globe, Tevelle harnesses the strength of social media to spread our message far and wide, reaching Light Workers worldwide.

Together, as a harmonious team, we are the Galactic Federation of Light. We are not merely a clothing brand; we are a catalyst for connection, unity, and the elevation of consciousness. Join us on this remarkable journey as we ignite the spark within, illuminate the path of enlightenment, and bring Light Workers together in the pursuit of a brighter future.

The Shohams model three items from the GFL clothing line

About GFL

In the realm of cosmic possibilities, where consciousness intertwines with the fabric of existence, a profound journey was about to unfold. Dotan, a humble seeker of truth and spiritual wisdom, found himself immersed in a transformative experience that would forever alter his path.

It was during a serene meditation session that Dotan first became aware of a presence beyond the bounds of his physical existence. A connection with celestial entities, radiating love and light, was established. Through a profound channeling experience, Dotan received a profound message, a vision that resonated deeply within his soul.

The entities revealed themselves as the Galactic Federation of Light, a collective of enlightened beings from various realms, dedicated to assisting mankind on its journey toward higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and illumination. Their message was simple yet profound: love, light, and unity were the keys to unlocking humanity's potential for spiritual ascension.

Inspired by this divine encounter, Dotan embarked on a mission to bring the message of the Galactic Federation of Light to the world. With the help of his daughters, Shani and Tevelle, he founded the clothing brand, aptly named after the Federation, as a tangible expression of their teachings. Dotan believed that clothing could be more than mere fabric; it could be a vessel for love, light, and unity.

Each piece of clothing created by the Galactic Federation of Light brand was infused with intention, meticulously designed to reflect the essence of the celestial teachings. The garments became an embodiment of love, adorned with sacred symbols and carefully chosen materials that resonated with higher frequencies. Dotan collaborated with skilled artisans and spiritual artisans to ensure that every stitch and detail carried the energy of the Federation's message.

The brand's apparel became a beacon of hope, a tangible reminder that the journey toward higher consciousness and spiritual awakening is a shared endeavor. It inspired wearers to embrace their own spiritual paths and unite with others on this transformative quest.

As the Galactic Federation of Light clothing brand gained recognition, its impact extended beyond the realm of fashion. Dotan and his team actively engaged with the community, organizing workshops, spiritual gatherings, and philanthropic initiatives. They became a catalyst for spiritual growth, spreading the Federation's teachings of love, light, and unity to all who crossed their path.

With each garment donned, wearers became ambassadors of the Galactic Federation of Light's message. Together, they formed a global community, interconnected by their shared commitment to ascension, illumination, and the collective awakening of mankind.

Today, the Galactic Federation of Light clothing brand continues to inspire, uplift, and support individuals on their spiritual journeys. Through its garments and spiritual offerings, the brand acts as a guiding light, reminding humanity of its infinite potential and the power of love, light, and unity to transcend limitations.

As Dotan envisioned, the Galactic Federation of Light clothing brand remains a testament to the celestial connection that birthed it. It serves as a constant reminder that, united in purpose, mankind can ascend to higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and illumination, embracing the profound journey of the soul.

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