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Celebrate the apex of the 28-day lunar cycle with a glorious full moon while it showers us with its powerful energy. This celestial phenomenon serves up the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner desires, manifest your dreams, or indulge in self-reflection. Discover the profound significance of the full moon and examine the 20 most enchanting full moon rituals.

Benefits of Full Moon Rituals

Most astrologers believe that every full moon represents completion or achievement; whereas, new moons present an opening for setting goals to achieve by a designated future full moon.

A full moon is the culmination of spiritual and energetic efforts that started during the new moon's alignment between the sun and Earth. By participating in rituals during the full moon and syncing with the natural rhythms of the lunar cycle, spiritualists can amplify the power of their practices by tapping into the moon's energy.

Barbara Marciniak's Connection With Manifestation

In Barbara Marciniak's, "Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from Pleiadians," she emphasizes the power of thought manifestation or "superconsciousness."

One of her lectures, "Manifesting What You Want," explains how people can alter their reality by changing their frequencies and maintaining clear intentions.

Many of her readers consider her books as life-changing and empowering. Her teachings advocate mindfulness, spiritual development, and appreciation for the power of belief. Full moon observers draw inspiration from her written wisdom, incorporating it into their monthly rituals.

Effect of Moon Energy

The full moon's shifting influence on sleep remains a widely held belief, and a recent study in "Current Biology" provides some scientific backing. As the full moon approaches, sleep latency increases, deep sleep decreases by 30%, melatonin levels drop, and total sleep duration shrinks by an average of 20 minutes.

This cyclical sleep phenomenon, often explained as the result of harmonizing with the Moon's reflected light energy, bolsters the moon's reputation as a catalyst for intense transformation.

20 Types of Full Moon Rituals

Two women perform full moon rituals with books and candles

Before commencing any moon ritual, consider its scientific, spiritual, and astrological significance to make it more meaningful. With these 20 full moon ritual ideas, even novices can appreciate the power of the moon and integrate new practices into their full moon routines.

Whether you prefer simple or complex rituals, the following list offers a range of options to harness the moon's energy for your spiritual growth and physical well-being.

1. Brewing Moon Water

The moon's close connection to water will help imbue the liquid with lunar energy. This lunar-infused water proves ideal for various applications, including ritual baths, craft cocktails, dissolving rituals, and others.

To make lunar-infused water, fill a container with fresh rainwater, position it in direct moonlight, express an affirmation or prayer, and leave it overnight in the moonlight. By morning, the moon water will be ready for use.

2. Full Moon Bath

Woman takes a full moon bath in a body of water

You can use various elements to enhance a full moon bath experience. Start by lighting candles that match the moon's zodiac sign colors, like green for Taurus. Immersing yourself in water, either in a tub or in nature, will forge a connection to the moon's power.

For a rejuvenating ritual, draw a bath, infuse it with moon water, and add moon-associated essential oils, like eucalyptus. Include herbs aligned with the moon sign, and create homemade scrubs using moon-related ingredients like lemon, rosemary, and salt. This full moon ritual helps the practitioner to cleanse negativity and embrace positivity while unwinding.

3. Full Moon Meditation

For those opposed to divination, meditation serves as an excellent alternative. Tap into the moon's power with an inner self visualization. Set a serene atmosphere with an eye mask, candles, or incense. Envision your dream life, and let the moon's energy amplify your aspirations.

Sit comfortably in the moonlight, close your eyes, and continue deep breathing. Focus on intention, imagining the luminescence purifying the body, mind, and spirit. Repeat this during the full moon peak for optimal results.

4. Crystal Charging in Moonlight

Let crystals or meaningful objects bask in the moonlight on a window sill or balcony. Allow them to absorb the moon's transformative energy. Avoid eclipse season, as it is considered too chaotic. Infuse positivity into magical tools such as crystals, journals, candles, oils, and herbs to enhance their effectiveness during magic practices.

For those not practicing magic, the full moon ritual of charging items under the full moon remains accessible. Whether you charge jewelry or a talisman for safety and confidence, allowing it to absorb the full moon's light amplifies its power.

5. Manifestation Ritual

Experts suggest that the full moon expedites the manifestation process for anyone seeking to fulfill their desires. A straightforward ritual will help solidify intentions and facilitate goal realization. Start the ceremony by:

  1. Establishing an altar or sacred space within the house for moon rituals
  2. Collecting inspirational objects such as photos, notes, books, crystals, or items that embody the power of the desired intention
  3. Sitting on the altar, meditating, and clearing the mind to gain clarity on the desired outcome
  4. Visualizing what is wanted using the gathered objects as a focal points

6. Love Ritual

Want to attract love during an enchanting full moon? Give the honey jar spell a try! Gather up the following items:

  • Small jar
  • Honey
  • Alcohol
  • Rose petals and thorns
  • Love-associated herbs (basil, cinnamon, rosemary, and others)
  • Rose quartz crystal (optional)
  • Paper and pen
  • Candles
  • Matches or lighter

Write the intention on a piece of paper and add it to the jar with all the organic ingredients. Shake the jar while visualizing the objective, light a candle, and express the purpose aloud to the universe, including the full moon. Increase the energy through chanting, dancing, or playing drums. Let the candle burn all the way down, and dispose of the jar on the corner of an intersection to complete the spell.

7. Candle Lighting

Embrace the full moon's energy by casting a candle-magic spell that clarifies your goal and ties it to the lunar cycle's peak. Use a silver or white candle to match the lunar light. 

Experts suggest writing down everything the practitioners want to manifest on a piece of paper, folding it neatly, and placing it in the candle's radiant glow. Lighting the candle initiates the intent, emphasizing the importance of your written will in a full moon manifestation ritual.

8. Releasing Ceremony

Moon ritual specialists may perform a releasing ceremony during a full moon. This ceremony involves journaling and identifying what is no longer serving the practitioners. Once they complete the list, they can safely release what is written by burning it in a fire-proof bowl.

The burning process sheds burdens, and once the list turns to ashes, practitioners should either bury them outdoors or flush them down the drain while affirming, "I release what no longer serves me with love." Try to complete pending tasks on the day of a full moon because it signifies closure.

For people not inclined toward fire rituals, an alternative involves dissolving a written list in a bowl of saltwater. You can expedite the dissolution by using recycled paper and tearing it up by hand.

9. Making a Crystal Grid

Create a crystal grid to express creativity under the full moon. Arrange crystals symbolizing desired manifestations into geometric patterns while visualizing intentions. Use stones like moonstone and selenite for their association with the balancing powers of the moon. Place the crystal grid on an altar, in the living room, or outdoors under the moonlight.

10. Spending Time Outdoors

Connect with the full moon energy by spending time under the night sky, forming a direct link between you and the universe. Enhance the experience with rituals like meditation, a full moon circle, or tarot reading. Find what works for you—whether it be a short, moonlit walk or more elaborate practices.

The key is to appreciate the lunar phases. Every practitioner should tailor the ritual to their intentions. Experts recommend working with whatever is around you, tapping into the movement and rhythm of the environment. Practitioners should take time to connect with the moon, regardless of whether they live in a forest or the city.

11. Breathwork Visualization

Practice lunar breathwork for a transformative experience. Begin by visualizing the new moon, inhaling deeply as you imagine it slowly becoming a crescent. Pause and envision the full moon, letting its reflected light permeate your body.

Exhale for several seconds, visualizing the waning moon to release burdens. Repeat the process of imagining the moon’s cycle for profound effects. This method reminds devotees to embrace change, let go of the past, and nurture themselves during this lunar period.

12. Oracle or Tarot Card Reading

Engage in divination during the full moon through tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, or other tools. It allows for new insights and setting goals. When a full moon occurs, practitioners can realize their own inner power through oracle or tarot card readings.

Scrying, an alternative method, involves gazing into water, fire, or a mirror, focusing on a candle flame, or using a crystal pendulum for yes-or-no questions. Create a sacred space to uncover messages from the moon and advance the divination process.

13. Home and Energy Cleansing

Full moons have influence when creating a sanctuary by aligning with the zodiac opposite to the sun sign. It is a good time to cleanse not just the living space, but also the body and spirit, releasing negative energy and stress. 

The power of full moons comes from its energy, extending far beyond its beauty. Cleansing the house with sacred smoke, such as sage or palo santo, is a powerful ritual on a full moon. Moving through every corner of the house and reciting positive affirmations about love, abundance, health, prosperity, joy, or peace will create a cleansed atmosphere.

14. Creating an Altar

An altar is a versatile tool, serving as a designated space for moon rituals, relaxation, meditation, or journaling. It can sit on a bedside table where practitioners light candles or the kitchen counter where they prepare meals.

Most tarot readers and psychic mediums suggest bringing in components that align with the season and current energy of the universe. This practice may include picking up fresh flowers in colors that represent the lunar phases.

15. Crafting a Cocktail

Full moons are the perfect moon phase to craft a cocktail, mocktail, or herbal tea tailored to the alchemist's needs. Making a cocktail using moon water infused with lunar energy enhances any moon manifestation ritual.

The process of concocting a beverage is considered a form of kinesthetic magic. Stir counterclockwise during preparation to dispel unwanted elements from life, and stir clockwise to invite positive energy.

Incorporating moon-associated ingredients such as lemon or cleansing herbs like rosemary adds an extra layer of significance. Add each component with a specific intention in mind. As practitioners ingest the beverage, visualize the integration of that energy into your life.

16. Casting a Chart

Engage in chart-casting using the full moon as an opportunity to explore fascinating celestial configurations. Examine the current positions of stars, planets of the zodiac signs, and any ongoing retrogrades.

Studying full moons will prepare astrologists for the upcoming new moon, offering valuable insights into cosmic dynamics. Many practitioners will receive inspiration for rituals based on the narrative of each lunation.

Analyze the chart, identify the planets involved, and recognize the prevalent storylines. Based on the distinct essence of that particular lunar phase, tailor custom practices that align with it. 

17. Full Moon Circle

Gathering in full moon circles offers an opportunity to unite and engage with lunar energy. Full moon circles usually set intentions, clear energy, and exchange personal experiences. This tradition allows friends to make full moons on a special occasion, a practice embraced by witchy companions since ancient times.

Historically, full moons served as a time for communal gatherings. Night markets and lunar festivals have been organized during full moons. Explorers make use of the moon's illumination when navigating the darkness in ways impossible during other lunar phases.

18. Sharing Feelings

Because this moon phase has a connection with emotions and the life-giving force, sharing thoughts and feelings is a simple yet fruitful practice during the full moon.

Come together with a circle of friends to share emotions, fostering a sense of unity and mutual support within the community. Create an opportunity for individuals to find common ground and assist one another.

19. Singing, Dancing, and Playing

After clearing your mind, body, and living space, take time to foster some joy! Dancing to your favorite music is an excellent means to shed old, stagnant energy and experience a sense of liberation in the present. Transform a full moon day into a memorable moment by singing, dancing, and playing.

Dancing naked under the full moon is a symbolic notion that connects practitioners with the lunar spirit, the divine feminine, and one's inner self. The essence of this practice lies in moving the body under the luminescence to represent this bond.

Whether dancing with friends outdoors or having a solo celebration at home, allowing the moon's power to saturate every movement turns this simple act of joy into a personalized full moon ritual.

For those not inclined towards dancing, many people do yoga or stretch under the full moon. This alternative activity aims to release tension and dispel negative energy from the body, offering another way to attune yourself to the lunar energy.

20. Crafting a Spell Jar

Make arts and crafts during a full moon to let creativity flow freely. Crafting a spell jar or sachet is an excellent way of channeling creative energies. Choose an empty container and gather herbs that align with the intention of the spell.

As the full moon often amplifies personal power, alchemists may concoct a spell jar for various purposes. They can create a pot for sweet dreams or a protective spell jar by their front door. For a simple yet effective spell jar, include herbs like jasmine and anise, which are associated with the full moon.

Consider adding objects that represent the current zodiac constellation the moon is in, tokens from nature, and small charms. Do not forget to add glitter for a little extra magic.

Decoding Full Moon Rituals — FAQ

Full moon ritual tools like crystals and moonwater

What not to do during a full moon?

You should not start new projects during a full moon. Instead, engage in discussions, explore alternative perspectives, and avoid mind-altering substances. If you feel overextended, take immediate steps to address it. Prioritize sleep for well-being. Embrace shadow work for personal growth.

What is the best moon phase for manifesting?

The best moon phase for manifesting is during the new moon. However, you should start setting your intention during the third crescent day as the lunar cycle progresses toward its completion. Start with small desires, akin to ripples on the ocean's surface, and gradually build on them daily until they become unstoppable waves.

What affirmations to say during a full moon?

You should say affirmations of your intention during a full moon and release yourself from things no longer serving your life. Express your readiness to let go of all negativity and open up to positivity. There is a trust in the divine, acknowledging that everything is unfolding as it should. Release any fear of the unknown, and embrace your journey with confidence.

How do you set intentions on a full moon?

You should set your intentions before the full moon arrives. Dedicate your time to soul-searching and reflect on your genuine desires. Express your will with clarity and conviction, ensuring the specificity of the wish you want to manifest, Finally, consider how these manifestations will positively influence your life.

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