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The Galactic Federation of Light

Join the Galactic Federation of Light in our mission to accelerate Earth’s spiritual evolution. Many people do not believe in the power of our Federation or even its mere existence. However, we represent a vital link to the universe. 

Who Are the Galactic Federation of Light?

The Galactic Federation of Light is an aggregate of higher beings from the Milky Way and other galaxies. This collective of light workers wishes to restore goodness in the universe. The Federation strives to help people of this world achieve a spiritual awakening and reach the Fifth Dimension.  

The Galactic Federation of Light Clothing

Restore hope, love, and faithfulness in humanity when you wear Galactic Federation of Light clothing. Display lightworkers' gifts through your attire and let the practices of ascension, telepathy, and activation of higher consciousness become a part of you. 

What Are My Angel Numbers? 

You can find out your Angel number with two different methods using either your birth date or your name.  Finding your Angel number with your birth date explains your behavioral traits and how people perceive you. Establishing your Angel number through your name gives you an idea of how you are meant to spread light in furtherance of your life goals.

Birth Date

To reveal your Angel number with your birth date, write your birthday, birth month, and birth year. Then, add all the numbers together. For instance, someone born on 04/06/1987 will arrive at the number 35, which reduces to Angel number 8. Your Angel number may come out to a single digit, a double-digit master number, or a repeating, triple- or quadruple-digit number.  


You can also determine your Angel number with your name. For this approach, the letters in your name are assigned to numbers. For example, the letter “A” is assigned the number 1 and the letter “Z” is converted to number 26. Find the numbers for the letters in your name, add them together, and reduce the sum, if applicable, to find your Angel number. 

Spiritual Awakening Clothing

Allow synchronicity to guide your life so you can reach higher levels of consciousness. You bring the universe into your soul when you become a channel for synchronistic flow. To understand the meaning of divine guidance, you first need to accept that the whole universe is interconnected. 

Look out for Angel number signs sent from the higher powers. They prove you are not alone in this world. Wear clothing that indicates you are spiritually awakened and on the path of becoming enlightened.

Activating Synchronistic Flow

Our interconnected universe means that our intentions and desires create the reality we want to live in and achieve. Becoming aware of this energy will guide you on the path of enlightenment and personal growth. Practice gratitude and do not lose hope in your beliefs.    

How to Activate Synchronistic Flow

Release yourself from negative thoughts and doubts so the cosmos can flow through you. You must believe the universe is on your side. Magnify your gratitude, hope, and faithfulness. 

Display your intentions and desires by wearing our Angel numbers shirt. Our attire will act as conduits for synchronicity, enhancing your cosmic flow. Plus, your new clothing will demonstrate your motives to fellow believers so they may also continue to spread the light.

Stories of Synchronicity

Famous stories of synchronicity bring to light the mysterious ways through which the universe works. The baffling manner in which a situation can play out shows us how every being, object, and circumstance is linked to each other.

Synchronicity relates to our manifestations and dreams. The realization of our most deep-seated desires shows us that our thoughts and motives possess the capacity to create our reality. Synchronistic moments remind us to trust in a higher power to gently guide us. 

A common occurrence in synchronistic moments revolves around meeting old acquaintances or loved ones in unexpected places. These meetings often play out through divine interventions. Another example of synchronistic events involves seeing meaningful signs and symbols, like your spirit animal or Angel number. 

Incredible Stories of Synchronicity in History

The descriptions above highlight what a synchronistic experience feels like and can help you identify clues that you are experiencing a synchronistic moment. History has shown us some exceptional stories of synchronicity that even naysayers have a hard time explaining away. Let’s look at some of them. 

Stephen Hawking, one of the most gifted scientists and mathematicians of modern times, was born on the same day that Galileo died, exactly three centuries prior.

When Stephen Hawking passed away, he died on Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Three Founding Fathers and presidents of the USA all passed away on the 4th of July — an eerie example of synchronicity. 

Cultivating Synchronicity

Create the perfect environment for synchronicity by enabling an ideal space that promotes harmony, interconnectedness, and continuity. When you take these spiritual steps, you allow meaningful coincidences to become a part of your everyday life. Below, you can find some helpful tips to invite synchronicity in your life. 

1. Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness and achieve a higher state of spiritual aptitude. Mindfulness refreshes your senses to allow in synchronicity, gratitude, and joy for living. When you are mindful of your body and mind, you become aware of past traumatic events. This newfound awareness will heal grievances and open up blocked chakras.  

2. Stay in the Present

Staying in the present makes you alert and enables you to detect subtle signs of synchronicity. A Merkaba awakening acts as a reminder to forego your worries and fears so you can embrace the Galactic Federation of Light philosophy as you make your way through each day.

3. Communicate With the Universe

Clear your mind and spirit for true enlightenment. Declare your desires out loud and believe that the universe will fulfill them. Stay positive and express gratitude for what you have received and thank the universe in advance for what you are about to receive. Trust is key to the realization of your dreams. 

4. Revamp Your Outlook With Our Spiritual Clothing Brands 

Proactive solutions deliver quicker results because you are intently cultivating synchronicity in your life. Follow your intuition and take inspired steps forward even if that means leaving your comfort zone. Meditate while wearing spiritually enhanced clothing to understand the synchronicities in your life. 

Synchronicity Through Clothing | GFL

Accelerate your spiritual journey with clothing from the Galactic Federation of Light. Welcome synchronicity into your life with Angel number apparel and share your results in the comments below.

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