Lotus of Life Women's Sweatpants



Indulge in the harmonious fusion of comfort and spiritual symbolism with GFL's Lotus of Life Sweatpants in the serene Cosmo blue. The intricately designed Lotus signifies the sacred essence of purity, transformation, and unified consciousness. In contrast to the fragmented consciousness symbolized by the Flower of Life, the Lotus of Life Sweatpants represent a collective awakening, where each petal harmoniously unfolds, echoing the interconnectedness of all beings. Crafted for comfort and adorned with sacred symbolism, these sweatpants invite you to cocoon yourself in both relaxation and conscious awareness.

Wear Intentionally. 


Product Details

Cotton Blend Fleece

Colors may vary

"Lotus of Life" Embroidery Detail

Elastic Waistband, Elastic Cuff

Item not sold as a set

Features our signature “Stripe of Light” detail

Care Instructions

Hand Wash or Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors
Do Not Bleach

Delivery & Returns

3-5 Business days in the US

Free Returns/Exchanges Accepted on all unworn, unwashed, and undamaged items

Manufactured in the Heart of Los Angeles

Made with love and intention in the family owned Pacific Blue Dye House facility. Click below to learn more about the GFL family.

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