Livia Devi

Livia Devi is a 5D Visionary, Mentor & Trance-Channel for an advanced civilisation from the 7th dimension, The Arcturian Council of Light.Her mission alongside the Arcturian Council is to activate, mentor and revolutionize 5D Leaders, Visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs in their Soul Missions.

Tim Tactics

Join our S.T.A. Group! Where we learn all the necessary techniques to choose the best timeline for ourselves. Meet like-minded souls who offer you support and friendship on this planet and beyond. Click the link."

The Awakening Doula

Dr. Alicia Journey

PhD in Metaphysical Sciences, The Awakening Doula®, Channeler, and is currently pursuing her Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy degree in Clinical Psychology.

Ellie J Lee.

Mystical Life Coach at Masters of Self University where we show you how to step into your innate, divine power so you can learn how to heal every aspect of yourself that you want to heal. Teaching you the step-by-step process of learning how to energetically transform your unhealed wounds, the programs you run, the trauma you've experienced, into power.

Sarah Breskman Cosme

Sarah is a Master Hypnotist, a Level 3 practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT, and a student of Dr. Brian Weiss.

Briana Mystic

Briana is a multidimensional channel & healer who utilizes a power packed combination of intuitive guidance, light language, and somatic breathwork to support you in expanding into your highest timeline of soul liberation. Her specialties include DNA activation, trauma clearing, subconscious reprogramming, and micro-dosing mentorship

Althea Lucrezia

I offer Light Language Clearings, Individually Channeled Codes Akashic Clearings and readings, courses, workshops & Mentorship Programs - I train Light Workers to step fully into their power and become sovereign beings in order to be able to spread their light and illuminate other and so on.

Mercedes Arnús Arraut

Step into the world of stars and awaken the mindful knowledge of your soul. Uncover your authentic essence and understand your life’s purpose with the modern astrological teachings of Mercedes.


I offer Galactic History Reports which we go over all your ET incarnations and karmic connections, Light Language DNA activations, healings and custom tailored sessions to get you empowered on the path to helping others in your ascension journey. I also offer masterclasses and advanced workshops for diving deeper into your gifts, origins, guides, past live healings. I also offer implant removal and entity removal for advanced psychic surgery cases.

Natalie Nadine

Natalie Nadine, I work closely with the Arcturian counsel to mediate galactic conflicts. I experience many different walk ins and embodiments to assist me in empowering the collective on their ascension journey. Using a mixed modality called Wesomily, given to me by my spiritual team of guides. The modality allows me to utilize my light language to deeply activate, remove old programming, heal, and align individuals on their highest timeline

Nitzan Goraly

My name is Nitzan Goraly and my business is called In-Balance which includes 3 modalities. I teach therapeutic and healing movement classes for the body, mind and soul. I offer somatic movement coaching (for individuals and couples) regarding health and vitality, business and relationships and I facilitate embodied relationship workshops.Everything I teach is experiential, not conceptual. I weave in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical practices and I include simple and practical tools that can be used in every day life. This is a blueprint  and preparation on how to usher in and live in 5D reality.Please email me ngoraly@yahoo.comto book your FREE SESSION.

Rachael Gargan

Rachael created Rachael's Butterfly Effect to provide people with healing techniques and tools to dive deep into their own inner world, raise their vibration and consciously navigate their lives and soul purpose. Rachael channels reads energy, and shares light language activations and codes. Rachael is known for her gifts and grounded practical approach to healing and helping humanity ascend into higher states of consciousness.


My name is Sandra aka AKURA. I am a German psychic medium, starseed and spiritual teacher.I help you through light code transmission, through visualization and energetic work to find these implants and remove them. It is very important that you are really ready for this and use your imagination. These tools will enhance your healing.


10 week mentorship for sensitive creative women to awaken their artistic alchemy with Share The Light! Share The Light is a Light Language Channel, Healer, Artist and community leader who helps highly empathic starseeds connect with their human so that they can fulfill their Earth mission !


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