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Enter the ethereal, vibrational library called the Akashic records. For over a decade and a half, I have practiced Akashic records meditation with varying levels of success. Sometimes I bask in the healing energy of the library. Other times, I can't even find it, much less enter it. Before we dive into how I access my own records, let's discuss what they are and whether they even exist.

What Are the Akashic Records? Meaning and Definition

The Book of Life glowing within and shining without

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a comprehensive collection of all the lifetimes, events, thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds of every individual soul throughout history — past, present, and future. Also known as the Book of Life, the records contain information on past lives, current events, and future possibilities. 

The term "Akasha" comes from Sanskrit, meaning "ether" or "sky," and is associated with the idea of a subtle, all-pervading spiritual substance that permeates the universe. The Akashic Records are sometimes described as being imprinted on this ethereal substance, making it accessible to those with the ability to tap into it. 

Do the Akashic Records Exist?

The Akashic records exist in encrypted form on what theosophists call "the mental plane." Certain individuals that possess intuitive and psychic abilities can retrieve their own records to gain insight into a past life or their soul's journey. In my experience, it's just a matter of discipline, consistency, and practice to find them. Discover how I access my Akashic record in 15 steps.

How to Access Your Own Akashic Records in 15 Steps

There's no official procedure to follow to access the Akashic records. You could use the methods employed by Rudolf Steiner or Edgar Cayce. Or, you can figure out the best way to reach the Akashic realm on your own. Below, you'll find the 15 steps I take to enter the spirit world and gain crystal-clear clarity about my past lives and my future.

Step 1: Identification and Confirmation of Your Intent

Before you access your Akashics, find a quiet space and ponder what you want to learn from your records and why you want this information. Specifying concise intentions will lead to clearer answers and help you avoid getting lost in a deluge of data.

For example, you might say "I seek access to the Akashic Records to gain insight, understanding, and guidance for my spiritual growth and highest good."

Step 2: Write Any Questions You May Have About Your Past Lives by Hand

Pen down your thoughts and create a list of questions about your past lives. Try asking whether incidents from your past lives, like a tragic event or a joyous occasion, are recurring in your present life.

Step 3: Ask Questions About Your Current Life Aloud

Articulate the fears and worries you currently face so you can find the reasons in the Akashic record. When you express your present state of mind aloud, it becomes easier to find the answers you need.

For instance, if you feel anxious about accepting a new job, you can ask if anything from your past causes you to fear change.

Step 4: Get Comfortable in Your Favorite Place to Meditate

Find a place where you feel comfortable before you begin your meditation. It could be your bedroom or a quiet, hidden spot in a state park.

For me, I like to figure out the right time to meditate because it puts me in the ideal state of mind. Lately, I have been meditating early in the morning or at night when everyone else is asleep.

Step 5: Practice Your Favorite Breathing Techniques

Breathing practices calm your body down and allow your chakras to open up, especially your crown chakra. Carefully place your hands on your lap or stomach and close your eyes. Before you begin your breathing exercise, you can also say a prayer asking the Ascended Masters for guidance.

Start your breathing by taking a deep breath. Try to inhale the air all the way down to the bottom of your lungs, then count to five. Slowly exhale while counting to five again. Continue breathing like this until you feel your body and mind relaxing.

Step 6: Akashic Records Meditation — Focus on Your Question

When you achieve a deep sense of relaxation, focus on any question you want to ask. Prepare your mind to ask the question as soon as you meet someone. If you have multiple questions, concentrate on one at a time so you receive answers for each query. You can meditate on questions about your love life, career, health, and more. However, remember to be flexible and be receptive to whatever comes through. While you may question it in the moment, it is likely that upon reflection it will provide much clarity. 

Step 7: Ask for Permission to Access the Akashic Records

Stay in a meditative state, concentrate on your breathing, and recite the Pathway Prayer. After several minutes of weightlessness, announce your presence by saying, "I wish to learn about my past lives. May I gain access to the Akashic Records?" Remember, you may need to try a few times before gaining entry.

Step 8: Enter the Akashic Library

 Akashic records meditation library

If your request to enter is granted, you will notice certain changes, including temperature fluctuations, feeling a presence in the room, or hearing muffled voices in your mind. These signs indicate that you are now inside the Akashic library. If you encounter negative energy upon arrival, do not worry.

Step 9: Open the Akashic Book of Records

Now that you have entered the library, you can open the Akashic Book of Records. The book provides a comprehensive overview of a situation, place, or occurrence from your past incarnations, but you may only comprehend bits and pieces. Trust the information that comes to you. It may appear as images, symbols, feelings, or even direct thoughts. Stay open and receptive to whatever form the guidance takes.

You can view the records as a collection of your soul's entire history and future, where each event is indexed according to the lifetime in which it occurred. You may encounter figures, see colors, and hear sounds, which you should treat as guideposts leading you to the answer you seek.

Step 10: Receive Answers to Your Question

As you receive answers from your Akashic Record, continue taking deep breaths and try to remain calm. If I start to feel anxious or scared by what I am learning, I like to recenter myself by paying attention to how I have my hands folded on my lap.

If you can smell food while meditating, this may be a sign that you worked as a chef in your previous life. Or, if the image of a paintbrush and palette appears before you, it could mean you worked as an artist.

Step 11: Greet Any Presence You Encounter and Ask Your Question

While you wait for answers in the Akashic library, you may feel like you are not alone. The other souls you encounter could be custodians of the records or people you met in a past life. Greet them and announce who you are. State your purpose for visiting the records and ask them your question. Sometimes I even acquire useful knowledge from a mere acquaintance.

Step 12: Close the Book of Life and Leave the Akashic Library

Ancient books and scrolls in a dark corner of the Akashic records

Once you have the answers you want or feel like you are exiting your meditative state, you should close the Book of Life and leave the Akashic Library. Personally, I like to take one last whiff of the library before I leave. It smells like sunlight and electricity to me.

Before I exit the non-physical plane, I say the Closing Prayer. Coming back feels like getting sucked into a wormhole. I experience a slow, steady pull before I get whisked away all at once.

Step 13: Open Your Eyes and Reacclimate to Your Environment

When you feel ready, open your eyes and get your bearings. For me, visiting the Akashic records for the first time was a disorienting experience, like reaching land after several days at sea or trying to walk on solid ground after running on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Take as much time as you need before you get up and grab your laptop or pen and paper. Make sure you have something to hold onto if you start feeling wobbly. And, sit down if you get a headache, experience chest pain, or feel a bit woozy.

Step 14: Record Your Experience and Reflect on What It Means

I keep an Akashic records journal as a memento of my visits to the library. I find it interesting to go back and read about my experiences and startling to discover how much I have forgotten about my trips.

If you access the Akashic records, you might want to write down what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt inside the library. Even if your impressions don't make sense now, they may reveal something significant as you grow wiser.

Step 15: Schedule an Akashic Reading

If you are unsuccessful at accessing the Akashic records, do not worry. Many people struggle to enter the Akashic records on their own for the first time. Fortunately, a quick Google search can help you find Akashic readers who offer guided meditations.

Many people find that once they receive an Akashic reading, they can start accessing the Akashic records by themselves.

Are You a Certified Akashic Records Reader? | GFL

Do you offer guided Akashic records meditation? Tell us about your client experiences in the comments before you share this post on social media. We intend to reach out to talented Akashic records readers in the near future.


MaryJane Camper said:

thank you for the very detailed explanation, I fought it for years, with know knowledge of what i was looking for or anyone to guide me, I started looking on youtube about 3 months ago. no, religious back ground what so ever, and a very troubled life, and very little formal education. just a lot of why this and why that and teaching my self to meditate on it, last week, I was nodding off while listening to the reading of a book on a youtube channel, the truth will change you life. I dont usually remember my dreams but this was vey vivid. I was in foyer of a grand library, it was on what seemed to be a college campus. I couldnt understand what the people where saying it was like they were speaking a different language. I have been told that I had a curse placed on my as a child in readings every time in my life I have started on the path of self discovery ,obstacles have been thrown in my path. I am not talking about little ones I talking about life altering ones I am now 51, I am trying to learn as fast as I can as I fear my life will again explode. I have been in self imposed isolation, for a while now so I could just hear myself. thank you so very much for going into detail as to what it was that I have started seeing, as it has refocused my once again. learning and growing, much love and light to all, always!!!

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