GFL x TimTactics Exclusive T-Shirt

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Elevate your style with the avant-garde GFL x TimTactics T-Shirt – an exclusive piece that encapsulates both the enigma of shadows and the vibrancy of the heart. This limited-edition gem tee invites you to embrace a transformative journey from obscurity to enlightenment. The striking black to pink gradient design serves as a visual testament to the symbiotic relationship between shadow and heart – where profound change occurs.

Crafted with utmost precision, the GFL x TimTactics T-Shirt narrates a story of liberation, beckoning the world to transcend the shadow age and embrace a new era characterized by heart, tactics, and intellect. As the soothing pink hues intertwine with the depth of black, an emblematic fusion materializes, reflecting the harmonious interplay of light and darkness. 

Each GFL x TimTactics T-Shirt is meticulously hand-dyed, resulting in a unique piece of wearable art. No two shirts are alike, making each one a collectible treasure in its own right. To further commemorate the significance of this collaboration, every shirt comes accompanied by a handwritten card – a personal touch that solidifies the exclusivity and value of your acquisition.

Product Details

Cotton Blend

Color varies due to dye technique

Printed Graphics

Stripe of Light feature on Right Sleeve

Care Instructions

Hand Wash or Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors

Air Dry/ Tumble Dry Low

Do Not Iron

Do Not Bleach

Delivery & Returns

Delivery: 3-5 Days Standard Shipping in the US

International Delivery: If shipping internationally, the customer is subject to import taxes and duties based on the country/region you're shipping to. Please note that we at GFL are not responsible for duties and taxes.

Returns/Exchanges: Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase, and must be returned unwashed, unworn, and undamaged.

Commitment to Cleaner Fashion

Every piece in our collection comes in it’s own reusable recycled poly bag, to protect the integrity of our clothing as it arrives to you.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you for this beautiful 🤩 tshirt !!

This tshirt means a lot to me, I love the colors, the beautiful mantra and the love that it spreads and I will spread every time wearing it. I will get a backup because I plan to use it a lot 🫣🩷

You are a beautiful ray of light! Thank you for sharing <3

Tim Tactics T-shirt

Love the shirt! Great message, great colors, nice and long.