April 28, 2023 — Ben Lewis

Broadcast your love for sacred geometry with our Merkaba star clothing line. At the Galactic Federation of light, the Merkaba holds a permanent place in our hearts. And, we want to connect with others who feel the same the way. Find out why the Merkaba graces its own collection of high-vibration clothing from GFL.

The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Symbol

A lightworker wears Merkaba star pattern clothing

The Merkaba star tetrahedron symbol, or Merkaba, is an ancient sacred geometry symbol that represents the intersection of the physical and spiritual realms. We created Merkaba star print clothing to remind members of the Galactic Federation of Light Welcoming Committee about their connection to higher dimensions.

Activating Merkaba Stars

The 8-pointed Merkaba star depicts two tetrahedrons that, when activated, spin in opposite directions. It possesses several interesting mathematical properties when measured.

The Merkaba serves as a catalyst for spiritual transformation, healing, and protection. It activates and balances your energy field, integrating your mind, body, and spirit. When you wear one of our Merkaba star print tops, you let everyone know that you have been activating your Merkaba.

Visualizing a Merkaba Symbol

Amila Dulic wears a Merkaba crewneck in Dune

Amila Dulic Wears a Merkaba Crewneck in Dune

Some people use Merkaba jewelry or a Merkaba crystal as a focal point for meditation. Others visualize the Merkaba shape around them and harness its energy to reach higher realms of consciousness. Many of our customers report a deeper connection between their light body and the spiritual realm while wearing our Merkaba star clothes.

Remembering the Ancient Sacred Geometry Symbol in Modern Times

The Merkaba also ties into the mystical teachings of Kabbalah, as well as several ancient cultures, including Egypt and India. In Hindu mandalas, the Merkaba meaning in Hindi is a symbol for the sounds Om and Hrim in Sanskrit, symbolizing our position between Heaven and Earth. This ancient symbol of spirituality and consciousness continues to share its divine energy in modern times.

The Merkaba Dream

Starseed wears Merkaba star print clothing

A Merkaba dream is an experience where a person encounters the Merkaba symbol during REM sleep. Dreamers may see the Merkaba from afar or stand within the divine vehicle itself.

Many spiritual communities view these types of dreams as an early step toward a Merkaba awakening. Some people believe that a Merkaba dream signifies spiritual transformation.

The dream may highlight the dreamer's affinity to the divine or foretell an encounter with their higher self, shedding new light on their spiritual journey.

Peering out from the center of a Merkaba star may portend the exposure of an inner truth, indicate a deepening of one's spiritual awareness, or support a deeper connection to the omniverse.

Only a small minority of the population will have a Merkaba dream. Ancient Jewish mystics considered it a profound sign of spiritual growth.

Dreamers who remember their Merkaba dreams recall drawing energy from the geometric formation.

Some find it advantageous to reflect on the dream while performing breathing techniques or other spiritual practices. This form of Merkaba meditation may intensify visionary contemplation for a deeper understanding of human nature.

The Merkaba Awakening

A Merkaba awakening is the result of Merkaba activation. When achieved, a three-dimensional energy field will protect the physical and spiritual body.

This spiritual transformation leads to greater self-awareness, improved rapport with the divine, and an enhanced ability to tap into higher consciousness.

During a Merkaba awakening, the Merkaba forms "God's chariot," a vehicular aura that facilitates healing, manifestation, and spiritual experimentation.

A Merkaba awakening usually requires meditation, visualization, and discipline, and patience. By opening the heart chakra, performing breathing exercises, and envisioning a spinning Merkaba, a person can manifest a protective energy shield and access higher realms.

Spiritualists who experience a Merkaba awakening sense their oneness with the omniverse, a gain enhanced psychic abilities, and enjoy inner peace.

Why the Merkaba Is Important to the Galactic Federation of Light

At the Galactic Federation of Light, the Merkaba star is a symbol of our mission to elevate the Earth's vibration and encourage discussion about spirituality, especially Metatron's Cube and the Merkaba in Sacred Geometry.

We believe the Merkaba is pushing us forward, allowing us to enter the next phase in our spiritual evolution. Wearing Merkaba star pattern clothing makes you a catalyst for change because you create a spark in everyone who sees you.

You are what you wear because you don't just wear it, you internalize it, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your Merkaba apparel will help you achieve balance during your spiritual journey, setting the stage for a Merkaba awakening in the thousands of people you pass by every year.

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