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Discover the transformative power of 432 Hz music. Some musicians believe music tuned to 432 Hz creates more harmonious, peaceful sounds. Let's uncover the healing potential of 432 Hz frequency, restart debates on its health effects, and examine historical influences like the Rockefeller Foundation's military commercialization of music.

What is 432 Hz Tuning?

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Let's start by examining 432 Hz tuning in music. When musicians and singers produce music, they create their sound by adopting ordered frequencies on a musical scale.

With standard, 432 Hz tuning, the A4 tuning note of the musical scale is calibrated to 432 Hz, which vibrates at a rate of 432 times per second.

432 Hz music uses a specific pitch—a variant of the A4 note. Like the "concert pitch" of 440 Hz, the classic 432 Hz tuning refers to the A4 of the piano's central octave.

432 Hz Music History

Belief in the healing power of music has existed since prehistory, leading to the development of many different musical instruments for health purposes. This phenomenon also extends to ancient chants, hymns, and prayers.

From early music history, the Tibetan singing bowl, the Pythagorean monochord, and the Egyptian flute all resonate to the same musical frequency: 432 Hz. 

The Egyptian and Greek civilizations utilized the natural frequency of 432 Hz because of its healing abilities. They set the tuning of musical instruments to 432 Hz because they believed it delivered therapeutic, spiritual effects.

432 Hz vs. 440 Hz Conspiracy

In the early 1980s, conspiracy theories emerged about musical pitch frequencies, specifically 432 Hz and 440 Hz. Retired dentist Leonard Horowitz suggests the Rockefeller Foundation manipulated these frequencies for military and commercial purposes.

According to the Nazi Propaganda Theory, Minister Joseph Goebbels influenced the adoption of 440 Hz as standard tuning to advance Nazi ideals. Claims about the meditative qualities of 432 Hz gained traction, often tied to Horowitz's theory of 440 Hz as a Nazi weapon.

The controversy over these frequencies dates back to 1885 when the Italian government's Music Commission established 440 Hz as the accepted frequency for tuning musical instruments.

Some theorists suggest the adoption of 440 Hz instead of the original 435 Hz in France or the classic 432 Hz was driven by business concerns or an attempt at mind control.

Supporters of 432 Hz laud its superiority because of its golden ratio, connection to natural harmonics, and health effects on human beings.

Is 432 Hz Scientifically Proven?

While some musicians claim that tuning musical instruments to 432 Hz music positively affects the human body during a listening session, there is limited scientific evidence to support this claim.

Currently, the significance of 7 Hz stands out as a notable example of the effects of frequencies on the human body. Dr. Andrija Puharich, a scientist and medical expert, investigated the therapeutic frequency practices of various religions worldwide.

In his research he found that Alpha brain waves of 8-13 Hz aligned with the 8 Hz frequency of handshakes or laying on hands.

Due to reservations about his findings, some people remain skeptical of Dr. Puharich's research, which led him to identify 27 frequency-related biological disorders.

Listening to and Producing 432 Hz Meditation Music

Listening to 432 Hz music evokes a feeling of peace and overall well-being due to its natural intonation. This frequency is soothing to the ear, encouraging a connection with the universe and positively impacting the mind and body.

After hearing 432 Hz music, conductor Ivan Yanakiev compared it to a divine message. He finds it sonically appealing and considers it a potent tool for unraveling the mysteries of consciousness.

Ivan aims to spread the vibration of music tuned to 432 Hz globally because of its positive effects.

YouTube has become the primary platform for music enthusiasts to discover and share music since the early 2000s. It has emerged as the preferred outlet for 432Hz music.

Videos tagged with "432 Hz" on YouTube typically feature extended electronic compositions designed for meditation and relaxation.

The Top 5 Best 432 Hz Frequency Benefits 

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1. Improves Hearing Capability

432 Hz music possesses an inherent depth, mellowness, and gentleness that remains audible even at lower volume levels.

Unlike some frequencies, you will hear it without raising the volume. This characteristic could contribute to the preservation of our long-term hearing capacity.

2. Relaxing Physical and Emotional Sensations

A 2020 study found that listening to 432 Hz music reduced tension in patients before dental procedures. Data suggest the effects of listening to 432 Hz music results in lower cortisol levels, a stress hormone.

The study results suggest music tuned to a 432 Hz frequency diminishes stress and anxiety, resulting in improved physical health and emotional healing.

3. Boosts Sleep Quality

The study observed that exposing participants to 432 Hz music achieved heightened relaxation. They attributed the outcome to the increased activity of alpha waves in their brains.

The listening experience that produced alpha waves, which are associated with relaxed wakefulness, placed the listeners in a mental state similar to the initial stages of falling asleep.

4. Harmonizes With Nature

One of the great classical composers, Verdi, aligns his pitch with the Earth's heartbeat, an alpha wave, creating a grounding impact on our psyche.

The Schumann resonance fosters a heightened connection with the environment and nearby living entities. The alpha waves produced in our brains by 432 Hz demonstrate a vital vibrational balance between ourselves and the Earth's surface.

5. Reduce Your Stress and Blood Pressure Levels

Other studes revealed that listening to music with a 432 Hz pitch led to a notable reduction in heart rate (~5 beats per minute) and blood pressure.

Participants in the 432 Hz music listening session showed a slight decrease in breathing rate compared to the test group listening to the same music in different frequencies.


What does 432 Hz do to the brain?

A notable advantage of 432 Hz music is its capacity to enhance focus and mental clarity. The tuning of this music affects your sense of calmness and relaxation, effectively reducing mental fog and promoting sharper attention.

What does 432 hertz do to the body?

432 hertz will give your body a pleasing and harmonious experience. The natural frequency releases serotonin and endorphins, regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Also, 432 Hz music serves as a sound healing tool that eliminates toxins and negative energy blockages.

Is 432 Hz in the solfeggio?

No, 432 Hz music is not one of the Solfeggio Frequencies. However, based on some music theory, music tuned at 432 Hz provides several benefits, unlike other frequencies in modern-day music that use a standard pitch of 440 Hz.

Why is 432 Hz better than 440 Hz?

Music tuned to 432 Hz is better for the human body because data suggests a slight reduction in diastolic blood pressure values. Unlike 440 Hz, it shows a minor marked decrease in mean respiratory rate values (1 R.A., P = 0.06) and a lower average heart rate (-4.79 BPM, P = 0.05).

Start Healing With Music Tuned to 432 Hz | GFL

Start your healing journey with the soothing benefits of 432 Hz music. This healing frequency fosters therapeutic connections and undoes the influence of powerful institutions on our musical history. Imagine a world resonating in global peace and unity, driven by the growing recognition of sound frequencies' healing properties.


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