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Discover the remarkable healing power of water! Water, the true elixir of life, is fundamental to our existence. Water helps grow the food we eat and supports all ecosystems. But beyond these facts, water also plays a vital role in our health due to its powerful healing effect.

Dr. Emoto's Study of Water as an Energetic Medium

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and alternative healer, revolutionized the wellness industry in magnifying the importance of water as a healing medium. Through years of research analyzing water crystallization formations under a microscope, Dr. Emoto discovered changes in the molecular structure in water molecules when exposed to human speech, thought, intention, and music.

Water that was subjected to positive energy, verbalizations, or music crystalized into geometric, symmetrical, and beautiful patterns when frozen. Water subjected to 'negative' stimuli formed distorted, irregular, and fragmented crystallizations. 

The results of his years of study suggest that water can be imbued with energies, even our own. Emoto's work highlights the importance of intentional thought when consuming or using water, and even has applications for our physical bodies. Given that humans are made up of over 60% water, the effect that both positive and negative words can have on us on the cellular level becomes irrefutably clear.

Science often plays catch-up with ancient, innate knowledge. Let's explore how throughout history, the human race has relied on water to sustain us on physical and spiritual levels. 

How Does Water Sustain Us?

Ancient Roman aqueduct spans a river on a sunny day

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, which assists with bodily functions like temperature adjustment, circulation, digestion, and waste elimination. All living beings need water to live.

Naturally, it follows that all ancient civilizations built their homes near the river banks because they knew that water sustains life. 'Mesopotamia', which in Greek translates to 'between two rivers', is considered the birthplace of civilization and was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Ancient Egyptian civilization, whose empire lasted for over 3000 years, depended almost entirely on the Nile River. Other notable examples include the Indus River Valley civilization, that relied on the Saraswati River and the Ancient Chinese dynasties, (Xia, Shang, Zhou, and Qin) that relied on both the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. 

How Our Ancestors Revered Water

Since the dawn of time, the earliest civilizations used the healing power of water in rituals and sanctifying the worshipping places. Many of our most ancient texts refer to the miraculous healing of water. The Greeks used various treatments, such as hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, and thalassotherapy, to relieve aches and pains.

Ancient Egyptians venerated the Nile and believed bathing in its waters could cure many diseases. The Celtics believed water purified the body and the soul. The famous Roman baths became the community's life center while promoting hygiene, health, and relaxation. 

Blue Mind

The science behind water healing refers to humans' natural attraction to water and blue space. Marine biologist Wallace Nichols, who wrote the book "Blue Mind," says that being close to water bodies encourages the blue state of mind and calms our mental states.

When our bodies are near water, we experience profound growth, which can even inspire creativity. Dr. Nichols explains our minds moving from "red" to "blue" emotions help us stay productive and happy. A gray state of mind can bring about depression, burnout, or detachment.

Rituals With Water

A Buddhist monk performs a water ritual in a stream 

As a life-giving medium, water can act as a conduit to bring favorable synchronicities and healing energies into your life and into your body. By understanding how to utilize this resource, you can invite powerful healing energies in. 

Overnight Blessing

Whenever your mind is troubled with worries, pour some water into a glass or steel bottle and place it near your bedside. Before you fall asleep, hold the bottle and ponder over your apprehensions. Then, say a little prayer to the universe so you can have your peace of mind again. Drink the water from the bottle first thing in the morning and feel re-energized by the abundant blessings from above.

Prayer In a Cup of Water

Manifest your dreams by channeling them into a cup of water. Pour a glass of water and place it on a table. Imagine the water in front of you is vibrating with intention and purpose. Think about your deepest desires and goals. Hold the cup of water in your hand as you profess your wishes into the water. Take a big gulp of water and feel the positive energy traveling to every cell in your body.

Cleansing Shower

Sometimes, we don't realize we carry a lot of emotional baggage and negative energy because we're merely trying to get through the day. For example, you could have participated in a stressful work meeting or engaged in a heated argument with a loved one. Take a cleansing shower even if you are not dirty. Let the water wash away the stress and negativity you've unconsciously shouldered.

How to Connect With Water

A person relaxes in a hot spring with feet up 

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul by forming a deep bond with water. Begin your journey by spending time near rivers, lakes, or oceans. Observe the ebb and flow of the water and how it can fall in rhythm with your breathing. Such simple practices can draw you closer to these life-giving molecules.


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise to stay fit and healthy. However, swimming also helps connect the body to the mind. Research has shown that swimming calms anxiety, decreases depression, and improves the mental well-being of both men and women.

Hydrotherapy uplifts elderly people and helps them to stay active and mobile. Expectant mothers benefit from swimming in many ways. The activity keeps them fit, and they also connect deeper with their unborn child. Hydrotherapy is known to help people suffering from fibromyalgia.

Listening to the Sound of Water

Explore the nature of water and healing. Listening to the sound of a babbling brook or ocean waves can reduce anxiety and restore balance in the brain. For those who cannot access natural water bodies, listening to water sound playlists on Spotify or trying in a water meditation on YouTube will still rejuvenate the body. Water sounds are also known to improve sleep.

Water Sports and Activities

Being around water has a positive effect on our minds and souls. Besides swimming, you can still find other water-based activities that keep you linked to water. Water sports like surfing, body boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking are a few fun activities that allow you to see the beauty and magnificent power of water.

Enjoy a Hot Water Bath

If you live a busy life with little flexibility, you can still connect with water by soaking yourself in a hot tub. Feel your worries and stress melt away after a hard day's work when you sit in a warm water bath infused with essential oils.

It's also refreshing to take a dip in a natural hot spring, and thermal springs possess healing properties that soothe the body. The mineral-rich waters help blood circulation and relieve body aches. Bathing in thermal springs will also reduce stress and encourage mental relaxation.

Some Extreme Methods of Water Connection

A Dutch athlete nicknamed "The Iceman" started a practice that allowed the body to tolerate extreme temperatures without shutting down. The Wim Hof Method involves deep meditation and composed breathing techniques to withstand exposure to freezing weather conditions.

Water fasting is not for the faint-hearted, but this practice allows you to channel the healing power of water. Many people will try water fasting to go deep inside themselves to heal past traumas. People interested in water fasting should only attempt it under the supervision of medical personnel.

Healing Powers of Water

Water enjoys symbolic representation in many cultures. Often connected to rebirth or purification of the mind and body, water serves as a miraculous source of positive energy. Water can even form a portal between the spiritual realm and physical world.

Saltwater is good for the body and flushes out toxins. Hydrotherapy, which utilizes water's temperature and pressure, enhances blood circulation and alleviates muscle and joint pains. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and flushes out toxins.

Healing With Water in Today's World

Modern times have caused a disconnect between humans and their basic instincts. When you live in the city, the grind of urban existence can overtake out entire lives. The monotony of modern life can take us away from the natural bond we have with Mother Nature and her elements.

Luckily, many cultures still practice ancient rituals in which water plays a vital role. For example, Hindus bathe in the sacred Ganges, believing it will wash away their sins. Water sports are also becoming popular in Western societies, indicating a change in attitude.

Bring Positive Intentions and Personal Healing Into Your Life

Discover the spiritual properties of water and begin your water-healing journey. The fluid nature of water restores harmony, mending wounds and bringing equilibrium to our lives. Begin on an exhilarating voyage of self-discovery and mindfulness when you explore the many different facades of water. Tap into the perennial wisdom that water gives so your life will be truly blessed!

If you have healed yourself with water, tell your story in the comments to help others.

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