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Among all the manifold healing modalities introduced to our world over the last century, one technique emerged that evoked our immediate curiosity. First introduced by Dolores Cannon, a hypnotist and regressionist, the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, involved accessing the 'higher self' in a deep state of hypnosis. This trance state allows the practitioner to go beyond the present life of the patient, and access the super conscious mind that provides insights far surpassing those available to the conscious mind.

We, at Galactic Federation of Light, decided that we needed to learn more about this healing process, so we reached out to our dear friend, fellow Light Worker, and QHHT expert Sarah Breskman. Sarah is a Level 3 practioner of Dolores Cannon's QHHT, a master hypnotist, and a student of Dr. Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters).

Interview: Dotan and Tevelle Of GFL and Sarah Breskman (Date: Nov. 8th, 2023)

Dotan: Tell us a little bit about what you do.

Sarah: I am a master hypnotist. What I do is I bring people into the deepest level trance and then I access their higher consciousness. I use Dolores Cannon's method of QHHT. I’m also an author of the hypnotist journey books: Hypnotist Journey to Atlantis (which was my first book), Hypnotist Journey to the Secrets of Sphinx,  and the Hypnotist Journey From the Trail to the Star People. You know, we're all trying to uncover the mysteries and secrets of the universe. I just love this, I get so passionate about it. I want to learn everything and I've just gone through so much that I love helping other people with what I've learned.

How does QHHT differ from past life regression?

Dotan: What is the difference between traditional hypnosis, (or past life regression), and the healing hypnosis technique QHHT that you specialize in?

Sarah: With regular past life regression, the goal is really just to do a regression of the client back to a past life, and then you find out how that correlates to their current life. But the whole point of Dolores Cannon's method is ultimately to regress the person, but with the aim to access their higher self because amazing and profound things happen when you do that. That's the place where I learned so much of this information because the higher self knows everything. And if you take anyone and you bring them to the deepest level of trance, you access the same place you access universal consciousness. In QHHT sessions you can learn anything. I mean, many clients can get to the very root cause of why they have a physical illness or recurring issues when they really tune into the self, or they can find out what's going on in the world.

What to expect during Quantum Healing Hypnosis: An outline of QHHT sessions


The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a form of hypnotherapy in which the practitioner can have an audience directly with the clients subconscious mind, their previous lives, or even the soul. The process can begin with the healer asking about the intentions of the clients.

For instance, if the client is suffering from physical ailments, physical pain, emotional turmoil, bad habits, or other worries. Most people seek quantum healing hypnosis to promote healing in their emotional, mental, or physical body. In other cases, some patients use the quantum healing technique to release karmic ties, connect with a higher power, or get an answer to a present situation.

Accessing a Theta state through QHTT® Sessions


The practioners of quantum healing begin by promoting a state of deep relaxation, or a somnambulistic state, on a patient through hypnosis. In many cases the client in the theta state feels as though they simply fall asleep. Here the QHHT session facilitator breaches the surface of the subconscious mind.

Exploring Past Lives

The second step of the QHHT session is the client's voyage into their past incarnations. This part of the session is similar to past life regression, in that the practioner explores the background, trauma, life, and death process of the previous incarnations of the soul. The concept is that many of these old wounds can carry into the present life of the client, and can explain the current issues the patient may be experiencing.

Connection with the Higher Self


Here the facilitator of the healing hypnosis technique can connect with the Higher Self of the patient, and get answers about how to heal the life of the individual. The High Self is in congress with the Universal Consciousness, or Spirit, which knows everything. It is within this space that the answers to past and present healing lies on an individual and collective level.

Healing and Resolution

Once the connection is established, the facilitator can seek guidance from the higher power by asking questions. Within this part of the session, one discovers the lessons that were made in the soul contract of the client, which may not have been resolved in past lives.

"A lot of the times when I'm regressing someone they'll have a very similar lifetime to the one they're currently living. And then they'll realise the different themes that they're trying to learn through their lifetimes. Its a journey of remembrance." - Sarah Breskman

QHHT® Sessions: How they Help to Rediscover Our True Selves

Dotan:  So, all higher selves have something in common because we all are one consciousness right? How do we differentiate between each higher self and do we each have a different path that we need to go through to eventually be one with our higher self, how does that work? 

Sarah: We're merging with our higher selves. I mean- there's very little separation. You might feel your higher self and it could feel like your gut is speaking with you. That's your higher self. What we discover [in these sessions] is that we really are one consciousness, but we actually pretend to be separate from one another. So when you access the higher self, you can also access someone else's higher self and find out more. For example, I used to use my mom whenever my kids would have an issue. When my son was really little he got warts on his elbow, so I did a QHHT session on my mom, spoke to her higher self, and asked what was going on with my son and asked if "they" could heal it and it healed. It's such a powerful tool. You can ask about answers to specific issues through somebody else's Higher Self you know, with their permission, of course. You can access Universal consciousness. 

Dotan: So what are the benefits of sharing and integrating the information?

Sarah: Whenever we're totally in alignment [with the Higher Self], thats when we're in the fifth dimension, or 5D. The ascension process works as an internal perception change. When you embody more of the belief that you are God [or Universal Consciousness] you move into this frequency and become lighter and lighter in your density



Frequently asked questions about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

We asked Sarah to answer some questions you may have:

How do you go through the filtering process of who you choose to work with?

Answer: I'm so lucky because people come in for these sessions all the time, but I'll know right away if they're like a really great hypnosis subject, and they're just a very clear channel for the higher consciousness. I mean, it's obvious, and you could feel the energy in the room when the person has focus and an open mind.

Should I be afraid of a hypnosis session?

Answer:  I mean, we're programmed to be fearful of it. It's in the movies and we're told some religions say hypnosis is bad. And there's a reason for that because when you do this type of session, you realize not only just how powerful you really are, and who you really are, and once you understand that it's a game changer. That's dangerous, if you really think about it. When you have so much power then how can anyone control you anymore? And we live in a society that has a lot of control systems placed on it. But all hypnosis really is is that state when you wake up in the morning and you can still remember your dreams. It's very valid for people to be fearful because we've been programmed to be fearful of the awakening. Once you awaken, you can't go back asleep.

There's a reason why people don't want to awaken themselves. Well, the reason is when you [do a session] you awaken to the fact that you are God again. I say 'again' because you essentially know this deep down and you came here to have this individual experience. So you forget that you're divine so that you can have this individual experience of pretending to be separate. And some people just want to keep pretending. They want to not be bothered, and to have this human experience.

Have your clients ever had past lives from other planets?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! So my friend did not believe in extraterrestrials and by our second session, she was remembering in full detail. The ship. What she looked like. Her home planet. I mean, it it was just mind blowing to me. My jaw dropped to the floor because I thought I knew her very well. I mean, we had been friends for 10 years and I knew she didn't believe extraterrestrials. And this type of information was even more detailed than the information I was receiving or I've ever heard before.

Interested in scheduling a QHHT session?


Check out GFL's Spiritual Support page, where you can get in contact with Sarah Breskman and schedule quantum healing hypnosis therapy to connect to your highest self! 

Sarah Breskman Cosme is a master hypnotist, Level 3 QHHT practitioner, and a celebrated author. 


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