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Receive the spiritual diagnosis you’ve been looking for by examining the top 25 signs you’re a lightworker.

If you’re a light seeker who wonders, “What are lightworkers’ symptoms?” you’ll find an abundance of information at your fingertips.  

To assist you in your spiritual journey, we have collected the most common lightworker indications from around the world and carefully curated them for accuracy and clarity.

But, before we look at the most definitive marks of a lightworker, let’s discuss what lightworkers are and why they are here in the first place. 

What a Lightworker Is

Inner light of a lightworking female shown even in her shadow

A lightworker is any living being who generates an inner light that has withstood worthy spiritual trials. Many self-styled lightworkers quickly become former lightworkers at the first sign of an arduous spiritual challenge.

Every day, lightworkers seek out darkness to dispel. Many times, the darkness comes to them in need of a spiritual release.

You’ll encounter many different types of lightworkers in the world, all who specialize in niche disciplines, like healing, transmuting, and manifesting. In fact, that’s exactly why they are here.

Why Are Lightworkers Here?

If you find yourself asking, “What are lightworkers’ symptoms?” then you may also have questions about why lightworkers are here.

You can describe lightworkers as those who flush out darkness with their spiritual luminescence. Once we reach the upper levels of consciousness in life, the higher our vibration becomes, allowing us to share our inner radiance with the world by:

  • Healing others physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Transmitting messages of hope and positivity
  • Spreading love and acceptance
  • Restoring balance
  • Promoting unity

An Introductory Lightworker Test

Light seeker sits in lotus pose and transforms into a body of light for a lightworker test

What are lightworkers’ symptoms? As you become more honest with yourself, you can more accurately assess whether you are a lightworker without taking some snobby spiritual tests. You can just look for a sign.

25 Lightworker Signs and Symptoms

No one is going to initiate you, teach you the secret handshake, or appoint you to a seat. The only requirement is that you follow the signs toward higher consciousness. In the boardroom, classroom, and art room, some of the most common lightworker traits include:

  1. Spiritual nature — Adept at other-worldly matters, especially from a young age
  2. High sensitivity — Ability to feel what others are feeling
  3. Healing ability — Resolves current ailments or past trauma of others
  4. Past adversity — Sharpened spiritual skillset due to hardship
  5. Self-determination — Unmoved by judgments placed on them
  6. Keen intuition — Follows the heart, sensitive solar plexus
  7. Self-sacrifice — Puts others first while risking mental and physical health
  8. Loving personality — Begins and ends every personal interaction with love
  9. Overarching perspective — Ability to see the good and evil in people
  10. Self-awareness — Takes time to meditate and recenter; highly introspective 
  11. Purposeful — Navigates through life with deep faith in fate and destiny 
  12. Wisdom — Possesses esoteric insight that most people do not
  13. Nurturing — Believes the mind can heal from anything and grow from hardship   
  14. Manifestation — Mastery over the Law of Attraction 
  15. Connection with Nature — In tune with the wants, needs, and status of Mother Earth  
  16. Truth-seeking — Wrestles with life’s most difficult existential queries
  17. Independence — Functions well while alone and prefers small groups over crowds  
  18. Past life — Precocious or knowledgeable beyond one’s years 
  19. Previous shadow work — Drawn to the darkness in order to illuminate it 
  20. Humility — Survives multiple ego deaths to reemerge anew 
  21. Authenticity — Expects mutual candor and transparency 
  22. Soul-searching — Embarks on difficult spiritual journeys to reach enlightenment 
  23. Compassion — Deep empathy for all living beings 
  24. Tenacity — Never quits; gets mistaken for stubbornness
  25. Openness — Ability to listen to opposing views and challenge long-held beliefs

If you strongly identify with seven of the 25 lightworker signs, you should look into lightworking as a hobby, lifestyle, or profession.

Do You Experience Any Lightworker Symptoms?

Does it feel like you share a lot of the same lightworkers’ symptoms? Maybe it’s time you met with an experienced lightworker to explore this side of you.

If you’d like more information on what lightworking is or how to signal other lightworkers in public, share this article on social media with your comments and we’ll add your best thoughts during our next update.

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I have all 25 symptoms.

flieonthewal said:

I have all 25 symptoms.

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I’m Light Worker

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I too am a lightworker.

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