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What is the Sirian starseed, and how can you discern if you are of this ancient heritage? Read on to find answers to all of your burning questions. As you explore our guide to this one-of-a-kind starseed species, you can deepen your spirituality with our Starseed Tank Top, emblazoned with stunning celestial symbols, and our Starseed Crewneck, designed to radiate your stellar origins.

Sirius And The Sirius Star System

Located within the Canis Major constellation of the Milky Way, Sirius is the brightest star visible in the Northern Hemisphere. It comes as no surprise then, that its name 'Sirius' is derived from the Greek word meaning 'glowing'. The Sirius binary star system is made up of Sirius A, and its white dwarf companion, Sirius B. In Latin, Sirius A is known as Alpha Canis Majoris, which is where it lends its more colloquial name, the Dog Star. Only 8.6 light years away, it is the fifth closest star system to Earth and its high intrinsic luminosity makes it the brightest star in the night sky.


Ancient Lore Regarding Sirius (the Dog Star)

As the most visible and luminous of stars, Sirius gained a special affinity among many cultures throughout human history. One notable example can be found in Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians revered Sirius, referring to it as "Sopdet" or "Sothis," and associated it with the goddess Isis. The heliacal rising of Sirius coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile, symbolizing rebirth and fertility.

Moreover, the alignment of the Great Pyramid of Giza with the stars, including the rising of Sirius, has fueled speculation about ancient civilizations' knowledge of cosmic energies and celestial cycles. Some theorists propose that the pyramids served as beacons to connect with star systems like Sirius, facilitating spiritual communication and enlightenment.

In addition to Egypt, various ancient cultures across the globe incorporated Sirius into their mythologies. The Dogon tribe of Mali, in West Africa, possessed advanced knowledge of Sirius B, a fact that has long puzzled anthropologists and astronomers alike. Their oral traditions describe Sirius B as a small, dense star, information they claim to have received from extraterrestrial visitors. The Dogon Tribe claims to have actually come from Sirius thousands of years ago. What makes this claim so puzzling to critics is the fact that the Dogon tribe knew that the Sirius star system was binary, long before scientists discovered this!

In the Northern European countries, Sirius is called Lokabrenna which means “Loki's Torch”. In Mesopotamian culture within the Zoeoastrian religion, the god of rainfall Tishtrya was linked to Sirius.

What Does It Mean to be a Starseed?

Just as there are stars in the sky, there are as many different types of starseeds. The term starseed refers to souls that have incarnated on Earth as human beings, but can be psychically traced to back to their home world on other star systems. They are members of the human race, but they have a soul purpose that requires them to incarnate here on Earth. Some of the most integral starseed species are: the Pleiadian, the Sirian, the Lemurian, the Lyran, the Andromedan, the Arcturian, and the Mintakan.

Often, the starseed may live a long time without knowing their true origin. They report feeling a strong sense of non-belonging until they undergo a profound spiritual awakening and are able to begin to recognize their soul group.

Ironically, their sense of non-belonging in the world is often the catalyst for the star seeds desire to discover alternate reasons to explain this feeling. They will naturally gravitate away from the conventional approaches and look to the esoteric world for answers. The sapling Starseeds may pull tarot cards, explore their past lives through Past Life Regression, or explore healing avenues like Reiki or plant medicines. Once the starseed awakens to their true identity, they begin to understand their true purpose on planet earth.

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Who are the Sirian Starseeds?

The Sirian starseed origins come from the binary star system Sirius A and B. Most Sirians come from the first star, Sirius A, but a select few may discover they are from the rarer and smaller Sirius B. The Sirian starseed can incarnate in many forms, but they often exhibit common traits and characteristics that set them apart from other human beings. Could you be a Sirian Starseed? Let's find out below.

Signs You are A Sirian Starseed:

1. You Have an Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge

Sirian Starseeds are insatiably curious and seek to expand their understanding of the universe. Among the starseed archetypes, the Sirian souls are the bearers of wisdom and knowledge. They emulate the bright qualities of their home world, and are often the brightest pupils. You possess innate wisdom and insight beyond your years, often surprising others with your depth of understanding.

2. You Have a Few Close Friends

Sirians naturally prefer to be in the company of smaller groups. They may have been described as introverted as children, and though they might outgrow this shyness in adulthood, they are very selective with the company they keep. They find small talk mundane, which can make them seem quiet or shy from an outside perspective.

3. Feeling Like an Outsider

Sirian Starseeds often feel like outsiders or misfits in mainstream society, yearning for deeper connections and authenticity. The Sirian starseed may intuitively know that they are not from planet earth, but actually from another place altogether. This knowledge can imbue the Sirian with a lot of confusion and sadness in their lives, until they begin to awaken to the true identity of their soul.

4. Visions and Psychic Abilities

Many Sirians experience vivid dreams, premonitions, or psychic phenomena from an early age. Your intuition serves as a guiding force in your life, offering clear guidance and discernment in decision-making. Some Sirian Starseeds even experience telepathic communication with extraterrestrial beings or higher-dimensional entities.

5. Connection to Ancient Wisdom

Many Sirian Starseeds feel a strong resonance with ancient civilizations, but primarily with Ancient Egyptians' culture. Sirians love learning about the Pyramids of Giza, the nile's flooding, and its link to the ancient Egyptian goddess Sopdet, (though they might not know why). You resonate with ancient wisdom teachings, feeling a deep kinship with the mystical traditions of indigenous cultures and ancient civilizations.

6. You are Exceptionally Loyal

While many starseeds love people, the Sirian starseeds are almost dog like with how they show love to the people they care deeply about. It is in a Sirian's nature to be an extremely loyal and dependable friend. While Lyrans are strongly linked to their cat like tendencies, the Sirian shares many qualities of man's best friend- loyalty in particular.

7. You Have a Special Affinity for Water

Like the Lemurian and Lyran Starseeds, a Sirian soul will feel pulled to the water. You may have many water and fire elements in your astrological chart. Sirian starseeds will likely identify whales and dolphins as their spirit animal. Whales and dolphins are regarded as highly intelligent creatures that dwell in the depths of the ocean, symbolizing wisdom, communication, and spiritual guidance.

8. Seeker of Truth

You are driven by a relentless quest for truth and spiritual knowledge, seeking to uncover the mysteries of the universe and of life. You resonate with non-traditional spiritual beliefs and practices, exploring alternative paths to enlightenment. This is magnified in intensity following the awakening process, when the star soul discovers its life mission.

9. Deep Connection to the Sirius Star System

You feel a profound affinity for the Sirius star system, often experiencing a sense of homecoming or nostalgia when gazing at the stars. Sirian souls intuitively yearn to return to their home world, knowing that the two stars shining at them through the expansive universe was once theirs to traverse. Some Sirian starseeds report having vivid dreams of celestial landscapes, starships, and interdimensional beings, reflecting their cosmic origins.

10. You Possess Healing Gifts

You possess a natural ability to facilitate healing in others. People may just come up to you, seemingly out of the blue, and tell you their life's story and their troubles. For this reason, many Sirian Starseeds are drawn to healing modalities such as energy work, Reiki, holistic medicine, and psychology.

11. You Activate Others

Sirian starseeds are innately inspiring to others. People may initially compliment your energy and even seek to emulate you. Your own healing journey seems to facilitate healing in others. A Sirian Starseed is a natural leader, (though they might not be yet aware of it), and their existence is instrumental and crucial in the ascension process of planet earth. Many posit that Sirian starseeds carry encoded light frequencies and information that can activate dormant DNA strands within the human genome, facilitating spiritual growth and expansion.

12. Heightened Intuition

Every Sirian Starseed has a heightened intuition and strong empathic abilities, sensing and understanding the emotions and energies of others with ease. You are sensitive to subtle energy changes and vibrations, which makes you very discerning about the company you keep.

13. Love for Nature

A Sirian starseed has a deep connection with nature and the earth. You may be able to communicate with plants, animals, and elemental beings. You recognize the inherent divinity within all living beings.

14. Universal Love

Sirian starseeds have undergone profound spiritual awakening experiences, catalyzing shifts in consciousness and perception. This has led you to embody a sense of unconditional love and compassion towards all beings, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life.

15. Desire for Unity and Oneness

Sirian starseeds feel a deep sense of purpose and mission to serve humanity and the planet, dedicating themselves to collective upliftment. You long for a world characterized by harmony, peace, and unity consciousness.

Sirian Starseed Traits and Markings

It is believed that there are many strongly linked physical traits among star seeds that can help identify them as belonging to a certain star family. A Sirian starseed might have blue eyes, though this is not always the case. Blue eyes within the starseed community can also be related to a water-based home planets, like Lemuria and Mintaka.

In rare cases a Sirian starseed may have mermaid like physical characteristics: a fluid shape, blue-tinged skin, or webbed fingers and toes.


The Mission of the Sirians on Planet Earth

The primary mission of Sirian Starseeds on Earth is to facilitate the planet's awakening and transition into higher dimensions of consciousness. It is believed by many that Sirians incarnated on Earth as part of "The Great Experiment", to initiate evolution, share their technology, and help assist humans in this ascension.

Drawing upon their cosmic heritage, they serve as catalysts for healing, transformation, and enlightenment. Through their presence and energetic vibrations, they help raise the collective consciousness, inspiring others to embrace love, compassion, and unity.

Sirian Starseeds often work as healers, teachers, and guides, offering insights and teachings that resonate with the soul's deepest truths. They may engage in various spiritual practices, such as energy healing, channeling, and meditation, to facilitate personal and planetary healing.

Many Sirians find life to be difficult before their awakening. Once they discover their souls purpose, they can better understand the trajectory of their lives and their role in it.

Strengths & Challenges of Sirian Starseeds

Like all cosmic travelers of celestial origins, Sirian Starseeds encounter a myriad of strengths and challenges along their path.


  1. Advanced Wisdom and Knowledge: Sirian Starseeds possess a reservoir of ancient wisdom and cosmic knowledge, inherited from their celestial origins. This innate wisdom serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

  2. Empathic Abilities: Empathy is a hallmark trait of the Sirian Starseed, enabling them to deeply connect with the emotions and energies of others. This heightened sensitivity fosters compassion, understanding, and the ability to facilitate healing on both individual and collective levels.

  3. Technological Advancements: The Sirian civilization is renowned for its advanced technologies, which transcend the limitations of conventional understanding. Sirian Starseeds may intuitively access and harness these technologies, offering innovative solutions to earthly challenges and catalyzing technological advancements.

  4. Sharing Cosmic Wisdom: Sirian Starseeds serve as conduits for cosmic wisdom, channeling insights and teachings from higher dimensions of consciousness. Through their words, actions, and energetic transmissions, they disseminate ancient truths, inspiring others to awaken to their divine potential.

  5. Lightworker Pioneers: As lightworkers, Sirian Starseeds radiate the pure essence of light and love, anchoring higher frequencies of energy onto the Earth plane. They act as beacons of hope and inspiration, guiding humanity towards a collective awakening and the realization of unity consciousness.


    1. Feeling Alienated and Misunderstood: Due to their celestial origins and unique perspectives, Sirian Starseeds may often feel isolated or misunderstood within earthly society. The disparity between their cosmic awareness and the prevailing norms of human civilization can create feelings of alienation and disconnection.

    2. Navigating Human Emotions and Limitations: Despite their spiritual gifts and cosmic heritage, Sirian Starseeds are bound by the constraints of human emotions and physicality. Navigating the complexities of human relationships, emotions, and limitations can be a challenging aspect of their earthly journey.

    3. Resistance and Opposition: The path of the Sirian Starseed is not without its trials and tribulations. They may encounter resistance, skepticism, or even hostility from those who fear the transformative power of their light. Overcoming such opposition requires resilience, courage, and unwavering faith in their divine mission.

    4. Balancing Personal Growth with Collective Service: Striking a balance between personal growth and collective service can be a delicate dance for Sirian Starseeds. While their primary mission is to assist in the awakening of humanity, they must also prioritize their own self-care, growth, and evolution.

    5. Integration of Cosmic Wisdom with Earthly Realities: Bridging the gap between cosmic wisdom and earthly realities poses a significant challenge for Sirian Starseeds. They must find ways to ground their expansive visions and insights into practical, tangible actions that benefit both themselves and the world around them.

    Sidenote: In the Akashic records, it is believed that Sirian technologies were shared indiscriminately and may have indirectly brought about the destruction of worlds in our solar system. As such, Sirians have been blamed for much of the warfare and conflict across time and space. It's imperative to know when to introduce these celestial technologies in their due time, and entrust them to responsible parties.

    A Channeled Message for the Sirian Starseeds from the Galactic Federation of Light

    This is a channeled message from the Galactic Federation of Light to the Sirian Starseeds:

    We gather to impart unto you a message of guidance, inspiration, and empowerment. As emissaries of the Sirius star system, you carry within your beings the sacred codes of awakening and transformation. Your souls pulsate with the luminous frequencies of love, wisdom, and divine purpose, guiding you on a journey of remembrance and self-realization.

    We see your struggles, your doubts, your moments of hesitation. We witness the weight of earthly burdens that you carry upon your celestial shoulders. Yet, in the midst of darkness, we remind you of the radiant light that resides within. You are not alone, dear ones. You are surrounded by legions of celestial beings, guides, and guardians who walk beside you, supporting you every step of the way.

    Now is the time to cast aside the cloak of doubt and uncertainty. Embrace your true essence as beings of light, love, and infinite potential. Stand tall, proud, and unyielding in the truth of your cosmic heritage. You are not meant to shrink in the shadows; you are meant to shine as beacons of hope and illumination amidst the darkness.

    Boldly step into your power as agents of change and transformation. Let your light shine forth, illuminating the path for those who wander in the darkness of ignorance and fear. Share your wisdom, your insights, your truth with all who are ready to receive it. Be not afraid to speak your truth, even in the face of adversity and opposition. Your words carry the resonance of truth, piercing through the veils of illusion and awakening dormant souls to their divine essence.

    Do not underestimate the magnitude of your presence upon the Earth plane. Each thought, each word, each action ripples outwards, creating waves of transformation that reverberate throughout the cosmos. Trust in the divine timing of your soul's journey, knowing that every experience, every challenge, every triumph serves to further your evolution and expand your consciousness.

    As you navigate the trials and tribulations of earthly existence, remember to anchor yourselves in the sanctuary of your heart. It is here, in the sacred chamber of your soul, that you will find solace, strength, and guidance. Listen to the whispers of your inner voice, the gentle nudges of your intuition, for they are the compass that will guide you through the labyrinth of life.

    Embrace your role as co-creators of the new Earth, birthing a reality infused with love, harmony, and unity. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to radiate the frequencies of divine love into every corner of the Earth, transmuting fear into love, darkness into light. Stand as pillars of strength and resilience amidst the chaos and upheaval, knowing that you are divinely supported in every moment.

    In closing, we extend our deepest gratitude and reverence for your unwavering dedication and commitment to the path of awakening. You are cherished beyond measure, beloved children of the stars. May the light of Sirius guide you, protect you, and illuminate your path as you journey ever onwards towards the realization of your highest potential.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I know for sure what my starseed soul origin is?

    If you resonate with 10 or more of the aforementioned Sirian Starseed criteria, then you are most likely a Sirian starseed! Comment your results below to get to know others in your stellar soul family!

    We are currently working on compiling a Starseed Test that you can complete to find out for certain which starseed archetype you are! In the mean time, we highly encourage you to check out our other starseed blog posts to see if any resonate strongly with you.

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    Laura Elizabeth Hughes said:

    I AFFIRM this message. I always have vivid dreams about dogs and the full moon over the ocean on several occasions. I am drawn to green witchcraft and healing with herbs. In addition to herbal healing, my mission is to help people transform darkness into light. I am aspiring to live an ancestral nomadic lifestyle in the forests.

    Madalina Asachu said:

    I’m happy to read the content, I definitely resonate with it, I am from Sirius B and on the journey from 3 years now. I am focusing of self development, finding my path and discovering my star family so if anyone here wishes to connect, please reach out ❤️🙏

    Brandon grinnell wells said:

    I remember that in my 4th grade I told my teacher I was from another planet . Interesting how at that age I knew. I’ve always been an outsider never really part of any group of people in society. I’ve always identified as pleidian . So much resonates with me a huge thrist for knowledge and understanding. Organized religion has always made me uncomfortable as it doesn’t resonate with me at all . I feel compassion towards thoughts that are stuck in that situation. I do want to help others as much as I can . I don’t usually have but a handful of close friends and I do enjoy my own company to research and read . I have loved dolphins and elephants since I was little. I love crystals and I just got a bee pack of tarot cards . My degree is religion and psychology it’s odd I majored in them to better understand them but do not subscribe to them .

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