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CE5- Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind:

In the realm of ufology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE5) has emerged as a concept embodying proactive human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial beings. Popularized by Dr. Steven Greer, CE5 represents a departure from traditional passive observation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) towards intentional communication with extraterrestrial civilizations.

What is CE5?

CE5, or Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, is a unique approach in which humans intitiate and establish contact with interstellar beings and extraterrestrial intelligence through conscious effort, meditation, and non-verbal communication techniques.

The history of CE5 can be traced back to the pioneering work of Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world's foremost authorities in ufology and the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). Greer's interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena led him to advocate for a more proactive approach to contact, emphasizing peaceful communication and cooperation with potential extraterrestrial civilizations. Through his lectures, books, and documentary films such as "Unacknowledged," Greer popularized the concept of CE5, garnering widespread attention and interest among UFO enthusiasts and researchers.

History of Close Encounters

Dr. J. Allen Hynek introduced the classification of Close Encounters in his 1972 book "The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry." In this work, Hynek categorized different types of encounters with UFOs, including Close Encounters of the First, Second, and Third Kind. Proponents of his Hynek's theories, notably C. D. B. Bryan and Dr. Greer, later recognized a need to introduce two additional types of encounters that deviated significantly from these 'traditional' encounter types.

While earlier classifications focused on passive observation (CE1, CE2, & CE3) or abduction scenarios (CE4), CE5 introduced the concept of human-initiated contact. The term "Fifth Kind" underscores the proactive nature of these encounters, wherein humans consciously engage in communication attempts with extraterrestrial entities.

Dr. Steven Greer stands as the world's foremost authorities of CE5, having dedicated decades to researching and advocating for human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial beings. Through CSETI, Greer has organized numerous expeditions and training programs aimed at teaching individuals the protocols and techniques for initiating CE5 experiences. Additionally, figures within the UFO community, such as Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon, have lent their support to Greer's endeavors, further bolstering the credibility of CE5 research.

The Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret

In early May of 2017, Dr. Steven Greer and director Michael Mazzola released a revolutionary investigative documentary called The Unacknowledged. In it, the investigative filmmaker and Dr. Steven Greer showcase an extensive library of previously unseen audio samples, images, video footage, witness testimonials of active UFO sightings around the world, and proof that the US government, (dating back to President Hoover) tried to hush this knowledge up.

In this brilliant exposé, Greer and Mazzola begin their Disclosure Project efforts, an organization dedicated to pushing the U.S. government to finally bring the truth to light. The Disclosure Project features hundreds of testimonies from military personnel, government officials, scientists, and aerospace engineers with firsthand knowledge of UFO sightings, encounters, and government involvement in UFO-related activities.

Reviews & Criticisms of Greer's CE5

While Dr. Steven Greer's work has attracted attention and interest within the UFO community and among enthusiasts of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, it has also faced significant criticism from skeptics, scientists, and ethicists. Critics question the scientific rigor, methodological validity, commercialization, and ethical implications of Greer's research and advocacy efforts, highlighting the need for careful scrutiny and skepticism when evaluating claims related to UFOs and extraterrestrial contact.
Despite these criticisms, Dr. Steven Greer's relentless efforts inspired millions around the world. continues to stimulate debate and discussion within the broader context of ufology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The release of 'Unacknowledged' was met with a largely positive reception, with countless reviews calling the investigative filmmaker 's work "groundbreaking" and "revolutionary".

Why Should Humans Make Contact with Interstellar Civilizations?

The motivations behind seeking contact with extraterrestrial intelligences through CE5 are multifaceted and often rooted in a sense of curiosity, wonder, and a desire for expanded cosmic consciousness. CE5 represents an irrefutable opportunity to transcend the limitations of terrestrial existence and establish meaningful connections with beings from other worlds. Active interstellar civilizations have an extensive library of accumulated knowledge and advanced technologies that can be helpful in the advancement of our own world. As limited as we humans are in our own developed technologies, many hold that we have much to learn from our cosmic cousins. Those of us who dream of peaceful contact, share a vision of harmonious cooperation and mutual understanding between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations, envisioning a future where interstellar diplomacy and collaboration flourish.

Is it possible that we've already made contact?

There are many of us who hold that the dream of interstellar collaboration is already a reality in some form. Many believe that extraterrestrials have not only made contact with the human race, but have interbred with humanity (see Nephilim) and even incarnated into the human race as starseeds. Those who have experienced spiritual awakenings report having downloads of past life memories, from ancient civilizations not necessarily bound to planet Earth. Those that are interested in exploring their own past lives and their cosmic origins should consider locating GFL's blog on the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique for more information.

At the end of the day, humanity is no longer preoccupied with asking themselves if aliens are real, but rather seem to understand that life on other planets must exist since the Universe itself is vast and infinite. If life on Earth can be sustained, why not elsewhere? Given that understanding, we can't rightly conclude that there hasn't been contact with other developed life forms who have had the technologies to assist them in arriving to Earth. Even those who have studied biblical and ancient writing can find clues of extraterrestrial intelligence that far surpassed the limited cognitive capabilities of our own ancient civilizations at the time, and were later "lost" to time.

Advocating for Disclosure

Futhermore, we must ask ourselves, why have these numerous reports of contact, video footage, images, and other forms of data been suppressed? With the advancement of human technologies, globalization, and networking capacities, so much of what would have once been swept under the rug is now nigh unstoppable. We can now watch videos on social media apps of countless close encounters around the world. With pressure from the community, many government intelligence organizations around the world are declassifying documents that prove that such contact already exists. An example of a whistleblower is Haim Eshed, who spearheaded the disclosure of intelligence of the Galactic Federation.

CE5 Protocol: How To Make Peaceful Contact

Dr. Greer spent years collecting research and data on methods of intentional contact with interstellar civilizations. Official training materials developed by Greer act as a CE5 guide, outlining specific protocols, techniques, and instructions in order to interact with alien life. This manual includes a comprehensive equipment list believed by Dr. Greer to be essential to making contact.

These methods of initiating peaceful contact typically involve a combination of group meditation, coherent thought sequencing, and the use of intention to establish communication with extraterrestrial intelligences. Participants gather in remote locations with minimal light pollution, enhancing the chances of observing anomalous aerial phenomena and facilitating meditation practices aimed at raising collective consciousness.

Additionally, proponents of CE5 advocate for the use of light signals, such as laser pointers or flashlights, as a means of signaling potential extraterrestrial craft. These signals serve as beacons, inviting intelligent responses from advanced civilizations capable of detecting and interpreting such communication attempts.

Importantly, many find that locating active energy centers around the world, or intersecting Ley Line hotspots, and conducting their CE5 Protocols there is helpful in increasing their chances of making contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. A notorious example of an active energetic hotspot for a Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind is Mount Shasta, California.

CE5 Protocol Guideline: How to Have Your Very Own Close Encounter

As per Dr. Greer 's instructions, initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations is dependent on the individual or group's focus and intention. The collective intention for contact will determine the quality of the connectivity. According to Greer 's official training materials for CE5 contact, the individual or group must first silence the mind and reach a relaxed, meditative state. Next, they are required to hold a positive intention for this experience in their minds. The individual or group can use visualization tools to assist in welcoming the extraterrestrial entities to join. They are then encouraged to look for signals of interaction or ET presence. Once locked in, they can use non-verbal communication to begin the contact.

In the spirit of full disclosure, not every CE5 initiation sequence will be successful, but Dr. Greer's relentless efforts and accumulated data have given those who are interested the helpful tools to establish these contact experiences.

Has Anyone Made Peaceful Contact using Steven Greer 's CE5 Protocol?

Mount Shasta CE5: Testimonial from Gayle Fuller

Dr. Greer's relentless efforts and work inspired millions around the world to begin their journeys of making contact with otherworldly entities. One such person who was inspired by his work is Gayle Fuller, known to the world as @theboujeehealer. She herself has had her very own close encounter experience several times over.

As such, Fuller herself leads groups with hopes of initiating peaceful contact of the fifth kind up Mount Shasta, a famous active energetic hotspot. Click here to read about her own experience of CE5 testimonial and her group retreats on Mount Shasta.

mount shasta ce5

(Pictured Above: Gayle Fuller (@theboujeehealer) in the HyperGalactic Hoodie and Sweatpants in Lite Beam at the base of Mount Shasta, where she holds her CE5 retreats. )

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do extraterrestrial beings really exist?

We don't as of yet, have "conclusive proof" of their existence that has been verified and backed by our current world governments, but that does mean that the proof doesn't exist. The documentary Unacknowledged showcases an extensive library of proof througout the last century that provides evidence of extraterrestrial-human contact.

What more, the Fermi Paradox posits that given the vast number of stars in the universe, many of which are similar to our Sun and host potentially habitable exoplanets, and considering the billions of years during which these stars and planets have existed, it seems highly probable that intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations should have arisen and developed advanced technologies capable of interstellar travel or communication. When considering the high probability of extraterrestrial life existing in the universe, why is there such an apparent 'lack of evidence'? Is it a matter of the data not existing or is it a matter of disclosure?

How many different types of Close encounters are there?

There are five different types of close encounters. The first three were popularized by Dr. J Allen Hynek, an American ufologist and astronomer. Later, CE4 and CE5, respectively, were added to accomodate alternate types of reported encounters. The degree of contact with the extraterrestrial entities determines the type of encounter.

What are the other types of Close Encounters?

The first three types: CE1, CE2, and CE3 involve only visual sightings with little to no physical interaction. A close encounter of the first kind, (CE1), is when a witness reports seeing an Unidentified Flying Object, or UFO. A CE2 experience occurs when a person not only experiences visual contact with a UFO, but also experiences changes in their environment. These can manifest as interferences with technologies or, more dramatically, physiological effects on the witness themselves. A CE3 occurs when the witness reports a visual sighting of extraterrestrial beings, or aliens. The CE4 and CE5 experiences occur when there is an interaction between the witness and the extraterrestrial beings. The Fourth Kind, CE4, involves cases where individuals have been abducted by the extraterrestrials. Witnesses often report experiencing missing time, hypnotic regression, and memories of medical examinations. The fifth kind of encounter (CE5) is when a human intends to communicate with the the extraterrestrial entities through focused application of Dr. Greer's instructions.

Is Channeling the Galactic Federation the same as CE5?

While both channeling the Galactic Federation and CE5 involve efforts to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings, they differ in their approaches and underlying philosophies. Channeling relies on psychic communication with non-physical entities, whereas CE5 emphasizes conscious and intentional interaction with physical or technological manifestations of extraterrestrial intelligence. Both forms can involve conscious connectivity with ETs.


Have you used CE5 Protocols and had successful contact?

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