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Nikola Tesla’s inventions and discoveries still captivate and illuminate our world to this day. He demonstrated unparalleled genius as an industrious physicist whose unusual theories about the laws of our universe culminated in countless mysterious experiments and the Nikola Tesla 369 phenomenon.

Let's explore how to apply his discoveries to heighten our consciousness and awaken our highest selves. What does 3 6 9 mean and what does it have to do with a popular new manifestation method? Let's find out!

Nikola Tesla's 369 Obsession

369 manifestation - Nikola Tesla thinks while holding a light bulb

Nikola Tesla’s obsession with the significance of 369 – the numbers three, six, and nine – extended into his personal life. 

It is said that before entering a building, he would circle the block three times.

When booking hotel rooms, he always chose a room number divisible by three.

He often calculated the volumes and masses of everyday objects and made decisions based on whether the results correlated to 369.

Is 369 Special?

People often explain the significance of 369 with something called vortex mathematics.

Vortex mathematics refers to the pattern that emerges when we observe the natural and divine processes of our universe.

For example, all life begins with one cell. That cell then divides into two, which divide into four, then eight, and so on, until you end up with a complete organism.

When calculating the digital root of these doubling numbers all the way to infinity, you get every single-digit number except three, six, and nine. Why is that? What is the 369 number meaning? Does it have a spiritual meaning?

For Tesla, 369 served as a focal point that represents higher dimensions, while the rest of the single-digit numbers belong to our base three-dimensional reality.

What did Nikola Tesla say about 369?

Tesla said, “If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe” in a 1931 interview. Tesla believed the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are the key to understanding the mysteries of the universe. 

Aside from the 369 quote, his creative personal expression made him a prolific philosopher who offered otherworldly insight and wisdom through cryptic, esoteric sayings. 

Another one of his famous quotes reads, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

This quote directly relates to our mission as light workers to harness energy, sync with the frequencies of mankind, and awaken global consciousness through combined vibrations. It also alludes to the healing frequency of 432 Hz.

Why Did Tesla Do Things In Threes?

Tesla did everything in groups of three due to his obsession with the vortex patterns of 369. His belief in the sacredness of the number three led him to do most things in threes. 

Nikola maintained a unique lifestyle, even by today’s standards. He only slept around three hours at a time, worked from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on various electrical engineering projects, and then ate dinner before returning to work for another three, six, or nine hours.

However, despite his unusual habits, Nikola Tesla lived to the old age of 87, which has a digital root of six.

His focus on the magnificence of the 369 code meaning and the heightened consciousness it brings afforded him inexplicably profound benefits.

Due to his dedication to the 369, Tesla engineered many inventions and pioneered several innovations that shape the world we live in today.

Some of his most well-known advancements include the Tesla coil, alternating current, dozens of other devices, and even the basis for mathematical theories that would not be proven until decades later, such as String Theory.

What Is Nikola Tesla's 369 Theory?

Nikola Tesla’s 369 theory posits that the numbers three, six, and nine represent higher dimensions than our three-dimensional reality as perceived by the physical human body.

It also theorizes that each of the three numbers — especially the number nine — holds dominion over the laws of our universe. 

These sacred numbers represent the foundation of enlightenment.

Why 3, 6, and 9 Are a Key to the Universe

369 Tesla - Vortex Mathematics

Scientist Marko Rodin discovered vortex math in the 21st Century. He postulates that his vortex operates as a flux field, opening up a vector to the fourth dimension, almost like a black hole.

Imagine a clock starting with nine at the top instead of 12.

The laws of the universe dictate that life follows a fixed, divine process of universal pattern.

If we calculate the digital root of every doubled number from one to infinity, every digital root is one, two, four, five, seven, or eight. Three, six, and nine never appear.

Now on this clock of nine, you can trace the doubling of one, two, four, and eight. However, eight doubled is 16, the sum of which is seven.

Seven doubled is 14, the sum of which is five. Five doubled is 10, the sum of which is one, and the cycle then repeats itself forever.

These numbers present an unexplained pattern when doubling and calculating digital roots, producing an infinity-like symbol. The numbers 3, 6, and 9, remain untouched, forming an equilateral triangle.

The 369 triangle meaning is a higher plane of existence than the one we currently occupy.

Laws of Attraction: Is 369 an Angel Number?

Althea Lucrezia wears the 369 long sleeve in SunFade 

Althea Lucrezia Wears the 369 Long Sleeve in Sun Fade

Angel number 369 operates as a powerful gateway to higher dimensions, allowing us to manifest our spiritual desires on this earthly plane through positive thinking.

We refer to this as Tesla's 369 Law of Attraction.

An important distinction to make about mathematics is that we did not invent it; we discovered it.

Throughout history, mathematicians and physicists have decoded this universal language the same way to accomplish everything from tracking expenses to sending satellites outside of our solar system.

According to Tesla, 369 serves as a key to understanding the universe due to the power it holds over the laws of attraction. It gives us the inner strength to tap into higher realities, dispel negative thoughts, and attract abundance, among other life-changing benefits.

Doing everything in threes enabled Tesla to enjoy unexpected longevity, make a huge amount of discoveries, and create fantastic inventions.

He did not intend to manifest wealth and fame — he only wanted to decode the secrets of the universe after the Big Bang.

369 Manifestation Method

Althea Lucrezia manifests while wearing a 369 long sleeve in SunFade

Althea Lucrezia Manifests While Wearing a 369 Long Sleeve in SunFade

Just as it did for Tesla, 369 can help us affirm our goals, attract what we need to achieve them, and manifest the outcomes we want most.

To effectively use the Laws of Attraction, you must be specific with what you affirm. Adept lightworkers are more likely to experienced initial success, but anyone with a human body can do it to extract insights. Discover some manifestation techniques using 369 below.

Instructions for Tesla's 369 Method

First, set three distinct goals. Then, turn them into mantras or postive affirmations that you say six times for each goal. 

Speak these mantras resolutely, as if they already happened and are currently part of your reality. The repetition of each mantra should last nine seconds and will reduce self-doubt.

Example of Manifesting With 369

Take the affirmation, “I want to increase my spiritual capacity to enhance my consciousness and spread light over mankind,” as one of your three distinct goals.

By performing this mantra six times, you begin to attract universal forces that will show you how to achieve your goal in a practical way. All you need to do then is answer the call. 

Make sure you use this key for the betterment of mankind. The best 369 manifestation results stem from selfless, generous mantras, rather than those that focus on personal gain or desires of the human body.

Negative or unspecific mantras are a poor use of 369 as a divine key to understanding the universe and rarely result in a successful manifestation.

What Did Albert Einstein Say About Nikola Tesla?

369 manifesting - Nikola Tesla portrait, c. 1890

When asked what it was like to be the smartest man alive, Einstein said, “I don’t know; you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.” This statement shows how much esteem Einstein held for Nikola. 

Is 9 the Most Powerful Number?

While some people believe the number three is the most powerful number due to the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the number nine is the most powerful number because nine governs everything.

Nine stands at the top of the vortex and reflects itself in every digital root all the way to infinity. It also represents the void, or nothing, as well as infinity, or everything.

While three and six are reflexive and closely related to each other, nine stands apart as the supreme divine number in the set of numbers that make up a key to the universe.

For Tesla, 369 is a single unit and should be viewed as such.

Tesla's 369 Manifestation Method

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Sujata mahalingappa waddar said:

Please forgive me

Sujata mahalingappa waddar said:

Kannada beku arta agttilla

Sujata mahalingappa waddar said:

Kannada beku arta agttilla

Nikolas tesla said:

I’m serious I’m here

Adam said:

3,6,9 these are the key numbers to unlock 1,2,4,5,7,8.

3 × 6 = 18
3 × 9 = 27
6 × 9 = 54


If we take the answers of these multiplications from 3,6,9 and look at them as individual numbers, we have the remaining numbers.

18 – 1,8. 1+8=9
27 -2,7. 2+7=9
54 – 5,4. 5+4=9

3,6,9,1,8,2,7,5,4 – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


6×6=36 (3+6=9)
9×9=81. (8+1=9)

I agree that 3,6,9 are the key to figuring this out but I think the number 9 is the key to figuring it out.

Kashif said:

3, 6 and 9 is very important number

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