April 13, 2022 — Oliver Raahauge

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” This age-old philosophical question may finally be answered.

Nature is constantly vibrating and emitting frequencies. Plant bioacoustics refer to the sound waves emitted by plants that are generally imperceptible to the human ear. Plants may have evolved to emanate these sound waves in order to communicate with each other.

Recent research led by Itzhak Khait of Tel Aviv University indicates that plants respond to tactile sensations and light, and can sometimes even squeal in pain. Science still hasn’t come up with an explanation as to how plants can make these sounds, but the evidence is absolute. Plants are alive and making music!

More fascinating still, an innovative tool [PlantWave] was just released with which you can listen to the music plants make. By putting two nodes on different parts of the plants, this device is able to detect slight electrical variations which are then graphed and translated to pitch messages which are then played by musical instruments!

Incredible to behold, tune in to the calming music nature provides to you!

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