June 02, 2023 — Shani Shoham

Written by: Mina the Andromedan and Ismael Perez 

If you are new to the Starseed community or if you have been on this journey for some time, you probably have heard mixed reviews about the Galactic Federation of Light. There are a few different factions on the matter and most of their opinions are mixed or are steadfast for or against the GFL. We will take a look at the Cosmic history and origin of the GFL and its progenitors, in order to hopefully dispel any fear or confusion surrounding the GFL.

An alien appears surrounded by sacred geometry symbols 

First, let’s get to the bottom of these rumors and fears by diving deeper into  the Cosmic history of where the GFL originated from. The original Galactic Federation was actually known as the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds but throughout the last millions of years, many wars have been fought against the Orion Empire.


Galactic Federation of Free World’s war against the ever-expanding Orion empire, there was a lot of infiltration that took place on both sides. War is often fraught with such subversive tactics, in its quest for inter-galactic domination from either side and dark is as old as time immemorial. Due to so much infiltration on both sides, a lot of pocket federations came into existence to confuse some of the non-technologically  inclined species, who had not fully developed into a space age society.

Reptilian faction sought to conquer the  entire universe as was their prime directive and creation myth. The Galactic  Federation of Free Worlds would not let that happen as that was their prime  directive and creation myth. These multi-millennial spanning wars generated  many infiltrations and battles won on both sides. As a result of this infiltration,  22 genetic programs came into existence that would incorporate the genetics of certain species that were not in alignment with the original Adamic blueprint. Fast forward to the present and these pocket federations that were  not aligned with the original directives, as given to the original Federation of Worlds, have been trying to transmit misinformation to Starseeds, claiming that it was coming from the Galactic Federation of Light, when in fact, they were imposter groups that were not aligned with the original ethic principles of the original Federation of Worlds.

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Furthermore, in 2019, the master geneticist progenitor Enki, father of the cabal, returned and began harnessing human female genetics to use them as a way to infiltrate the piloting and navigation systems that operated the fleets of the  Federation of Worlds. In this galactic coup d'etat, Enki was able to seduce some of the commanders in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. For the commanders that remained loyal to the forces of good, under the direction of the Sirian High Council, the old Federation of Worlds was reorganized into the Galactic Alliance, which now included key members more representative of our earth. They  continued to work with the newly formed Galactic Alliance as the current true liberators of our planet.

Therefore, as long as we understand who the forces of light are and their sacrifice towards the liberation of our planet, it won’t negate that throughout all of galactic history, there has been an alliance of many interstellar worlds to resist the tyranny that was taking place in our galaxy. Despite all the other imposter pocket federations, the original core mission will always be honored. Whether you are coming to first know it as the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) or the GFW (Galactic Federation of Worlds), we are going to do this June 6th meditation in honor of all races that fought against galactic tyranny, so that we can be humans on the earth at this time.





Mina the Andromedan hybrid, creator of the 6th creation universe who sits the Andromedan Council, I offer insight into your galactic history, light language activations and healings. I’m a multidimensional gridworker helping humanity on its highest ascension trajectory.









Ismael Perez, author of Our Cosmic Origin has restored galactic and cosmic history back to the earth as a cosmic ambassador who is working towards the uplifting of humanity preparing earth for her re-entry into the galactic and cosmic community.


StarSeed DroLanno said:

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Thanks for the hard work. I have arrived and look forward to hearing from you.

Methassa David Noriega said:

In 1979 i an dead and make contact with rhe ffederation

Methassa David Noriega said:

In 1979 i an dead and make contact with rhe ffederation

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