April 07, 2023 — Ben Lewis

What Is the Galactic Federation?

Since the dawn of mankind, we have looked to the stars in wonder. The celestial bodies in the night sky provided early man with a way to tell stories and understand our world. By depicting creation stories and epic battles between otherworldly beings, the stars pique our imaginations as sources of knowledge about the very nature of reality.

Our advancements in science and technology unlock new ways to learn about the cosmos. However, we are still a relatively young species with a long way to go. Older, more advanced civilizations than ours exist in various star systems throughout the universe.

We Are Not Alone – Aliens Exist

An alien spaceship hovers overhead in the city

When we gaze at the night sky, we imagine infinite possibilities. One such possibility has become an actuality. The Galactic Federation is an organization of spacefaring planet-states within the Milky Way comprised of American and alien representatives! Many of us already knew that aliens existed in our galaxy, so the latest confirmation from on high came as no surprise.

During the Covid Pandemic in 2020, a man came forward with groundbreaking news about a Galactic Federation. His name is Haim Eshed. After retiring as the head of Israel’s Space Security Program in 2011, Professor Eshed made startling claims that garnered considerable media attention and sparked heated debates about our place in the universe.

Who Is Professor Haim Eshed of Israel’s Space Security Program?

So, who is Haim Eshed, exactly? Born in 1933 in what is now modern-day Israel, Haim Eshed became interested in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life at a young age.

He attended college at the Israel Institute of Technology, or Technion, earning a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering. He later secured a master’s degree and doctorate in aeronautical engineering. Eshed’s education allowed him to pursue a career in space security, where he could access the latest, most confidential information on alien life. Eshed has received the Israel Security Award three times.

What Is the Galactic Federation According to the Former Israeli Space Security Chief?

In December 2020, Eshed publicly stated that extraterrestrial beings exist and the United States has been in contact with them through the Galactic Federation.

Eshed insists the Galactic Federation is a collective body of extraterrestrial governments that work together for universal peace. He described the organization as a "galactic federation of different species" with a "secret underground base on Mars," where representatives meet. He also claimed the US government has communicated with aliens for years, sharing information and working together on various projects.

Eshed's claims generated renewed interest in the search for extraterrestrial life. Many experts expressed skepticism about the existence of the Galactic Federation, but others believe in the possibility of life beyond our planet.

Despite the controversy surrounding his claims, Professor Eshed remains a respected figure in the space exploration field. His statements prompted many of us to think more deeply about the possibility of intelligent life beyond our planet.

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Pentagon Acknowledges Possibility of Mothership in Our Solar System

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In early 2023, the Pentagon acknowledged the possibility of an alien mothership in our solar system. Could it be an emissary from the Galactic Federation?

According to Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon official who ran the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), evidence suggests an alien spacecraft may be observing our planet from a distance.

Elizondo claims the Pentagon gathered data on numerous encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) that evade conventional methods of explanation. Some of these sightings suggest the presence of an extraterrestrial mothership.

He also says the US government has covered up evidence of these encounters for years, and a secret cabal of military officials and government scientists work together to prevent the truth from reaching the public to prevent mass hysteria. Elizondo’s statements echo Professor Eshed’s 2020 announcement of the Galactic Federation and our government’s role in keeping it a state secret.

While the existence of an alien mothership in our solar system remains unconfirmed, Elizondo's claims have intensified the search for extraterrestrials and the possibility of a government cover-up. The US government's recent release of a highly anticipated report on UAPs added fuel to the fire, with some experts suggesting it may represent the first step in disclosing the truth about the nature of these sightings.

Whether or not an alien mothership lurks in our solar system remains an open question, but the search for answers continues. As more information comes to light and experts weigh in on the issue, we may one day learn the truth about the nature of these mysterious sightings and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Is the Galactic Federation Real?

The story of Professor Haim Eshed and the Galactic Federation continues to capture our imagination. It inspires us to keep looking up at the stars with wonder and curiosity, and continue exploring the mysteries of the universe.

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Sean Cullen said:

Speaking as someone who’s been broken by the world and society lying about religious things, it’s about time this stuff finally comes out. I finally read a Torah last year and it confirmed some of what sounded crazy at first.. I sincerely hate how shows like Ancient Aliens actually hurt the cause of legitimate research into extraterrestrial existence. After many years of struggling with my personal journey of dealing with things like sexuality and religion, feeling like a disappointment to “god” etc, reading the Torah has made me come to the conclusion that it’s all based on visitors from other worlds. I firmly believe that there is no “God” as we’ve been taught, but rather beings that were beyond the understanding of the underdeveloped people of ancient earth. The Jewish people are the most likely to have contact, if there has been contact (the ark was a power source and possibly a communication device)…. I understand there’s certainly a need for some secrecy, but I feel that secrets are hurting things more than anything now. Distrust between nations keeps growing, and money keeps complicating things… It’s unfortunate that some of the countries that need the most work could probably do with becoming part of a larger whole, but that’s next to impossible without wars, unless businesses start buying countries…. I’m sorry for getting sidetracked I only just discovered this year that is as undiagnosed ADHD so I am working against some bad habits. There are too many things wrong in this world and sadly too many people seem to be against moving forward into the future…. My mind keeps getting sidetracked with different issues when I try thinking of various ways of possible unification to help prevent further destruction of our natural environment

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