GFL Stack Tee in Lite Beam



Get your Galactic Federation of Light Brand T-Shirt. Elevate your look in this bold and breathable cotton crewneck tee.

Product Details

100% cotton

Made in the USA

Colors may vary

Screenprint graphics

Item not sold as a set

Each garment features with our signature “Stripe of Light” detail

Care Instructions

Hand Wash or Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors
Do Not Iron

Delivery & Returns

3-5 Business days in the US

Free Returns/Exchanges Accepted on all unworn, unwashed, and undamaged items

Manufactured in the Heart of Los Angeles

Made with love and intention in the family owned Pacific Blue Dye House facility. Click below to learn more about the GFL family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tyler Tivador

GFL Stack Tee in Lite Beam

Connie Howard

I love my GFL T-shirt! It is a very good quality. Thank you for your excellent service.

Gregory Gividen
Nothing on the back of the shirt

When you put something on the back of the shirt it's like a walking billboard.
Humans in America rarely look at each other. Their eyes automatically go away from other people's eyes. Normally they look down in order to avoid conversation or confrontation. They I have to see the back of you waiting in lines. All shirts should have prints or pictures on the back.
I'm not complaining I'm merely pointing out the obvious.
I'm more of a star seed than I am a light worker because I haven't even seen The fifth dimension yet. But you don't sell a star seed hat. Why black ? Didn't you ever watch a western movie ? The good guys wear white the bad guys wear black. I'm not complaining I'm merely pointing out the obvious.
Could you please tell me the secret location of the open corridor or portal to the 5th dimension near Louisville Kentucky USA ?
Will you please introduce me to an Archurian so I can get the healing process started. I'm suffering from PTSD and spine injuries from 1980. Obviously Earth doctors can't fix nothing. It would have been fixed 42 years ago. Today they can't fix anything. They can cause you a lot more trouble about sending it to the pharmacy to get some Chinese contaminated medication. I'm not suicidal so I'll definitely not be putting Chinese pills in my mouth. Makes no sense to me the fact that a communist country controls non-communist medical Care.
Don't even get me started on fluoride.
Greg Gividen