April 13, 2022 — Oliver Raahauge

In 1951, Professor Winifred Otto Schumann made a discovery that would change the world forever. While teaching a class on the physics of electricity at the University of Munich, Schumann discovered that the Earth, (which bears electrical tension), emits a frequency, and has a “pulse”. Renowned researcher Hans Berger, built on this amazing discovery years later, uncovering that the frequency of the Earth and the human brain was identical. This frequency is 7.83 HZ. In the human brain, this frequency is what determines our stress, anxiety, creativity, performance, and immune system. Based on this finding, later researchers found evidence that isolating human subjects from the circadian rhythm (night and day) of the Earth correlated with the deterioration of their mental and physical health. These findings suggest that our overall well-being is dependent on the natural frequencies we receive from the planet. Click to learn more.

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