April 14, 2022 — Shani Shoham

New beginnings are coming for you, Lightworker. You mustn’t be afraid to embrace new experiences. All those manifestations and affirmations are finally coming into fruition for you. If you are seeing this number you are divinely protected. The angels have been guiding you through all the obstacles and challenges you have overcome. You angels urge you to take all the lessons you’ve learned, get clear on your goals, and devise a plan to execute them. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You have nothing to fear because the angels are by your side. You have toiled and sowed and soon it will be time to enjoy the fruits of all your labor.


Likely you have awakened into a new state of being recently, and a new level of consciousness. You have become disillusioned and are finally seeing things for what they are. This newfound clarity will help you bring in a state of perfect balance. Seeing the number 222 represents harmony, partnership, and duality of nature. It is a sign of good things to come- a merging of two separate paths. 


In numerology, 222 is linked with personal mastery and a deep connection to the spiritual realm, much like 369. For those not in relationships, be prepared for love coming your way. As 222 is a symbol of duality, a relationship with a twin flame is imminent. Be open to receiving the gift of love soon, and remember to fill your own cup first and foremost. For those in relationships, now may be a good time to  recalibrate with your partner. This time will highlight either the strength of your relationship, or the irreconcilable differences you have. If you have recently been separated or have broken up with a loved one; relax, you are definitely on the right path. In all matters of love, your patience and grace will be rewarded. 

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