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The concept of indigo children first emerged in the late 1970s and shook the foundations of treasured institutions and societal norms.

Seen as representatives of the next step in human evolution, they often find themselves in positions of power and influence, which explains why we live in such times of tumult and uncertainty.

Develop a deeper understanding of the indigo phenomenon by examining their most common traits.

What Is an Indigo Child?

Indigo child meditates on the horizon

More than just a footnote in a new age movement, an indigo child is an old soul reincarnated in human form and born into our world with the third eye already open. You'll find many indigos on the Indian subcontinent, South America, and everywhere in between.


Indigo children are people who think, communicate, and operate outside the prescribed blueprint, prevailing beliefs, and social mores of society. The definition is then refined to include the idea of an irregular life path and the presence of an indigo aura the color of a blue vat dye.


The term, "indigo," stems from the Latin indicum and the Greek indikon. Spiritually speaking, it refers to any aura primarily composed of the color indigo, as though embellished with Indigo Type 3 blue dye obtained from Heaven.

Adept spiritualists have debated the meaning behind the existence of indigo children for over four decades. Medical professionals and those in science fields prefer to label indigo kids with a sham diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or place them on the autism spectrum.

The Top 9 Traits of an Indigo

An indigo walks along a path toward an indigo planet

If you or someone you know exhibits three or more of the following character traits, you may need to seek spiritual guidance outside of traditional channels for a proper diagnosis.

1. Deep Empathy

As old souls with well-established connections to the collective consciousness, indigos demonstrate deep empathy at earlier developmental stages than most of their peers.

Because they are born with open third eyes, they show signs of advanced emotional maturity. 

They sometimes struggle to see their peers and even their bullies as they really are, preferring instead to imagine them as equally empathetic.

2. Powerful Intuition

Strong intuition with a demonstrably high success rate is one of the clearest characteristics. 

They will amaze and bewilder adults with the uncanny ability to do everything right on the first try, provide accurate predictions about ongoing events in society, and make precise reads on people they meet for the first time.

Unless an individual loses this trait due to trauma or lack of regular use, they can rely on intuition well into their golden years.

3. Headstrong Character

Because they are so strong-willed, they can frustrate parents, teachers, bosses, lovers, spouses, and other members of the family with their disruptive or defiant behavior. However, guardians should not allow their kids' special status to delay addressing problems that arise.

They display an almost impenetrable self-assuredness in most settings, only expressing insecurities in private.

They are always “right,” even when they’re not. As such, they prove resistant to manipulation-based discipline.

Due to their highly philosophical nature, they will listen to reason, put aside their strong-willed personalities, and admit they were wrong in the form of an apology.

4. Psychic Abilities

Some of them demonstrate psychic powers by explaining things known only to the authorities, acting as a medium for the departed, and predicting the future, especially near-impossible occurrences.

 Some of their abilities include:

  • Telepathy

  • Psychometry

  • Clairvoyance

  • Divination

  • Channeling

  • Astral projection

5. Limitless Curiosity

Indigo babies harbor a deep curiosity for almost anything new. When their curiosity gets the best of them, they can become so focused on their current study that they remain oblivious to potential risk of harm to their body, mind, or spirit.

Sometimes, their curiosity can become an obsession, affecting their sociability.

When their curiosity outweighs intuition, it opens them up to being led down the primrose path by an unscrupulous scoundrel.

6. Volunteer Spirit

They wish to bring about positive changes in society with a new idea or advancement in science.

They often provide free light work and shadow work to complete strangers when they sense an energetic anomaly.

Their volunteerism is due to their highly evolved sense of life purpose and spiritually mature nature.

7. Purple Aura

They have a purple-blue aura due to an open, third eye chakra at birth.

Depending on their unique experiences and personal characteristics, they might attempt to hide or mask their striking blue dye auras to avoid detection.

However, they all struggle to hide their true selves from other human beings. If someone wants to see the sizes, shapes, and hues of their auras, it will only take a little prodding for before they show their true colors.

8. Anti-Authoritarian Streak

Starseeds of all types have difficulty conforming to rigid standards at home, school, work, and elsewhere.

Every indigo person is born with an anti-authoritarian streak, sometimes displaying disruptive or defiant behaviors due to their indigo child status.

You can expect an overall quiet academic career for your smart little Starseed, dotted with a few major blowups when the tyranny becomes too much to bear.

9. Creative Genius

Creative genius is rare, even in those with the most pronounced auras.

However, if you gathered up all the geniuses in the world, the percentage of them that exhibit these nine traits would reveal a lot about how the world works.

If your teenager produces music, writing, or artwork that confuses or scares you, then you may have a Starseed with a purple aura in your home.

Problematic Symptoms for Indigo Children

Male indigo looks out over a body of water at dawn

Due to their spiritual nature, they face significant challenges from a young age.

Nancy Ann Tappe, who started the entire movement, noted several areas where they may function poorly in the world.

She gave her reading audience insight into the struggles they might encounter during childhood.

Low Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem appears repeatedly in indigos.

While they may start conventional schools with a strong sense of self-worth, their peculiar nature and uncanny ability to know everything about a given subject can make them targets for bullying.

If you see signs of low self-worth in your child, it should send up a red flag to warn you about problems at school.


They prove susceptible to depression when they begin to realize that very few people care as much as they do about nearly everything.

Not everyone grasps that the labels society has slapped on them can also lead to identity issues, self-doubt, nihilism, and depression.


They are easily bored because they often master things quickly, imagining an entire process from beginning to end in all its detail.

Because they already know how things will go, many of them slide into aimlessness, fantasizing about how to accomplish their dreams for years without taking action.


What Are Crystal Children?

Crystals are a later generation of Starseeds. Their auras are octarine, or the color of magic. However, their auras remain invisible to the human eye, which gave rise to the idea of "crystal children."

What Are Star Children?

A star kid is the same as a Starseed, including Pleiadian Starseeds, Arcturian Starseeds, indigos, crystals, and rainbows, among others.

They are spirit guides from other star systems who possess special abilities to help the world move toward the next stage in human development.

Sometimes, they can be misidentified as actual Pleiadians or Arcturians.


What Are Rainbow Children?

Rainbows are a newer generation of star kid. They usually have crystal parentage.

Rainbow people often display a complete lack of fear, unshakable single-mindedness, and deep affection for everyone in their orbits.

We Welcome All Indigos

Indigo children come from all walks of life. Some are fortunate. Others are still waiting for their ship to come in. We welcome all Starseeds, regardless of their past lives, present situations, and future missions.

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Julia said:

Deep Empathy: I have always had an unusually strong empathy with anyone who is vulnerable. Likewise, I have probably the strongest empathy possible with all flora and fauna. Psychic Abilities: I have also experienced psychic episodes. I was once a passenger in a car in Poole, Dorset, when I saw an elderly pedestrian on the pavement opposite. For some strange reason I remember thinking to myself “That poor lady hasn’t got long to live” and immediately afterwards a car caught her with its wing mirror and sent her spinning into the road, hitting her head on the pavement. I and a few others went to her aid and an ambulance was called. I never knew what happened to her after that. On another occasion we had visited friends in Spain with a very lively and active 11 year old son. When we were driving away down the road I could see him in the distance kicking his football around and thought to myself “I’m never going to see you again”. Three weeks later his parents telephoned to say their son had been diagnosed completely out of the blue with a very rare form of leukaemia a week after we had visited them and had very sadly just passed away, exactly one week after being diagnosed. Whilst living in Wiltshire following my divorce, I had disturbing dreams one night about the health of my the dog my ex-husband and I had shared in Surrey (and who he kept when we parted), only to discover the next day that he had died a few hours earlier. Anti-authoritarian Streak: Although I wasn’t your typical “rebel child”, I have always had a problem with people telling me what or what not to do, especially when I can’t see any good reason behind it. At school I would stand up and tear my artwork to pieces in front of the class if I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it, even though I knew I would get into trouble. I was above average in ability but wouldn’t bother listening in class or doing my school work if I didn’t see a point to it, or didn’t enjoy it. As an adult I have argued with employers and openly disagreed with them about the way they ran their businesses. As I got older I used to loathe having younger bosses feeling they were entitled to tell me what to do! I have always hated being told what to do when travelling (eg at airports) or anywhere I feel as though people are being treated as “cattle” and have always rebelled against it. I now don’t fly any more because I just can’t cope with it!

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