December 26, 2022 — Ben Lewis

Who are the Arcturians? Are they our spiritual ancestors, genetic forebears, or both? Let's uncover the answers to these fascinating queries as we investigate the hidden wisdom of this fascinating species.


The Arcturians are ancient race of pre-humans live on their sub-stellar home planet, Arcturus, which orbits the Red Giant star known by the same name. Arcturians remain distinct from Arctura, another humanoid species also found on Arcturus with certain features analogous to the lower apes of Earth.


What does an Arcturian look like? Large eyes and small nostrils

To most humans, Arcturians would appear completely indistinguishable from themselves. The more observant representatives of humanity might notice certain features, like the translucent skin, smaller-than-average nostrils, and large eyes of this ancient alien race.

Love, Healing, and Growth

Arcturians show interest in our solar system because wish to teach us that love is the key ingredient to attaining 5D consciousness so we can enjoy a safer experience going forward.

They also wish to help us activate our Merkabas and retune our lower frequencies so we can accept our past, shed our fear, guilt, and pettiness, and begin healing our souls in this life to open up more options for prosperity.

As a species of multidimensional extraterrestrials with more advanced but similar technologies to our own, Arcturians may communicate with us directly, via channeling, through a Starseed here on Earth, or other ways.


The word, "Arcturian" means "bear keeper." It is the Indo-European form of the Greek Arktouros, from the root words arktos (bear) and ouros (guardian).

Arcturians visit other star systems, including ours, to satisfy their protective instinct and promote healing of spiritual trauma.

Fourth Brightest Star in the Night Sky

Arcturus in the Boötes constellation reflected in a lake's surface

As mentioned, Arcturians hail from the planet of Arcturus, orbiting one of the brightest stars in they sky, nestled a mere 36.66 light years away from Earth in the Bootes constellation.

Arcturians have been signaling us from across the galaxy ever since our evolutionary path became certain, long before we emerged as a new species: homo sapiens.


Careful observers will notice that Arcturians display complex personality traits and diverse genetic characteristics.

On their home planet, Arcturian society is highly advanced, possessing quantum technology beyond that imagined by our friends, family members, and colleagues in the science fields, specifically theoretical physics. However, Arcturians also use similar technologies to our own, as well.

As mostly peaceful beings, Arcturians are very loving. Arcturians often demonstrate a heightened sense of social responsibility toward the entire universe and strive to create an environment conducive to personal healing.

Anyone interested in attaining peace during their ongoing metaphysical journey should seek the advice of Arcturian lightworkers to address any pressing matters of the spirit.


What's the Arcturian Agenda?

The Arcturian Agenda is one of personal empowerment for humans against dark energy for a safer experience here on Earth.

Arcturians wish to heal the planet and raise its vibrational frequency by helping humanity attain a higher level of consciousness. This process will give us more options when determining our own future.

In short, Arcturians wish to set us free from the non-stop worldly pursuit of material gain so we can follow the spiritual path we were supposed to take in the first place.

Am I an Arcturian?

If you were born into this world, there is almost zero chance that you are anything other than a member of the human species. At most, you might have a real Arcturian soul sent from the Bootes constellation.

You can develop a sense of which type of Starseed you are through a relevant sign, professional reading, or direct message from inhabitants of the fourth brightest star system.

What Does the Aliens Adventure Game Reveal?

The portrayal of Arcturians in the 1990s Aliens Adventure Game was mostly false. However, the depiction of the species as roughly humanoid and intelligent was correct.

In general, the game placed Arcturians in a negative light by describing amphibious juveniles reared in warm pools, which is a shame considering the noble purpose of their agenda of love and healing here on Earth.

Am I an Arcturian Starseed?

You will know you're an Arcturian Starseed if you are able to create a connection with your spiritual ancestors telepathically, through channeling, during your dreams, or other ways.

However, even if you never found yourself talking with Arcturians, you might still be this type of Starseed if you exhibit certain features.

Calling All Arcturian Starseeds!

Do you connect with Arcturians? Signal to others that you are awake and spiritually elevated. Throw on an official GFL baseball cap and proudly represent your spiritual home, the single star system of Arcturus.

The official Galactic Federation of Light baseball cap as seen from the front


ET said:

All of this has me lol

Rocktressa said:

Thank you so much for allowing me to have the answer I’ve been searching as to what is my star seed I am an arcturian light worker worker and I can’t tell you how much I am relieved to know that I came to this planet to basically try to shut down the patriarchy lol. I know it sounds funny but any mail reading this please don’t take anything to this obviously you are not one of the undanced whatever creatures they are that do the child trafficking and murder and rape of so many especially females on the planet. This has to be my purpose here because for at least since 2008 I have become awoken to the mass destructiveness of patriarchy. I believe I must be here to try to shut it down and at least learn about it as much as possible so that we can find a way to dismantle it and help the world come back to her original self. Mother goddess is here upon us we live on planet Earth in this Awakening time which happens to be December 29th 2023. Now that I know my meaning and purpose here on life it makes all the sense in the world to me to try to help the mother earth and all of its inhabitants come back to a. Of exact and knowing unconditional love.

Elvis said:

I have always viewed life on a much higher level than most, being very much in tune to the Earth and nature. I have always been able to feel others pain and always been concerned with their well being. I despise Evil And always want to destroy it. I hope that doesn’t make me crazy.

veronique said:

Many years ago I internally asked for help at a difficult time of my life. Soon after I saw, in my head, a feminine presence, very tall and slender, with an elongated skull. Soon after that I went into an esoteric shop and flickered through a book about divine beings. There she was, painted by an artist who obviously saw the same thing as me, somehow. The title for her was ‘the Goddess of Healing’. It made sense to me: I had asked for healing.
Many years after that I had a dream in which I was travelling on board a ship with some other friends who are, like me, what is called ‘Lightworkers’. In this dream we were being taken to ‘an intergalactic confederation’, where ‘a council’ was held. There we received an acknowledgement for our good work and were told we could not, from here, continue any further ‘as you would have to become too thin, like light and it is not possible in your human condition’.
Not having a clue what this dream was about, I wrote it down in my dreams diaries.
Now I just found this and it all makes sense to me.
I am not a follower of UFO theories, do not watch Sci-Fi movies, or even have much time to read books about this. I am just, by now, a mom dealing with practicalities all day, every day. So I think I can say in all fairness that these beings do indeed exist, that they contacted me, that their federation also exist, and that, yes, the work they do is the one described: offering personnal healing with love to humans so they can reach a higher-consciousness (certainly it was for me).
I asked and I guess, I received, the healing from these beings.
It is obvious that what I saw, others have seen too, since there are books about them and a definite terminology that also came to me in my dream. Yet I have not yet met anyone in my life who has seen what I saw. So if I and all these other people on Earth who I havent met, have channelled this and we all saw the same thing, it must surely exist or how would we all get the same thing?
I leave you with these thoughts..

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