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Who is Metatron? Is Metatron in the Bible? Is Enoch Metatron? The answers to these questions remain a matter of religious perspective and may change during your spiritual journey.

Ask a pastor, rabbi, and imam about who Metatron is, and you will receive three different responses regarding his spiritual significance. However, if you maintain an open mind during your everyday life, you will discover whether you can find Metatron in the Bible.

Who Is Metatron?

Archangel Metatron serves God as a light worker and ruler of all beings, except the other archangels. He is as big as Earth, flies with 72 Earth-sized wings, and sees with 365 sun-sized eyes.

Metatron clothes himself in the finest, most dazzling raiment designed by God. The Holy One (YHWH) also made Metatron a throne and curtain like His own, and put them at the door to the Seventh Hall of Heaven.

What Does Metatron Do?

Metatron is known as the Voice of God because YHWH appointed him as his sole intermediary. All angels and men must speak to Metatron first if they seek an audience with God.

And, although God commanded two archangels to instruct Metatron, they and the other archangels must obey Metatron’s commands when given in God’s name. Some of the other roles assigned to Metatron include:

  • Guardian of the Tree of Life

  • Escort from Earth to Heaven

  • Heavenly Scribe

Metatron is also known for creating the eponymous Metatron's Cube.

Does Metatron Have Other Names?

Who is Metatron in Christianity? If you search online for "Is Metatron in the Bible?" you will not find anyone by that name in Christian scripture. And, while most Christians will tell you that Metatron goes unmentioned in the Bible, some Jews will disagree, claiming you can find Metatron in the Old Testament by another name.

In the Third Book of Enoch, Metatron claims to have 70 names, like God himself. Some of his most common names include: 

  • Mattatron

  • Mīṭaṭrūn

  • Prince of the Countenance

  • Prince of the Presence

  • Angel of the Presence

  • Chief Angel

  • King of the Angels

  • Angel of the Veil

  • Prince of the World

  • Enoch, Son of Jared

  • Voice of God

  • Lesser YHWH

  • Youth

Meaning of the Name “Metatron”

Scholars disagree about the spiritual meaning of the name, “Metatron.” Various academics have suggested the name has its roots in Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Latin, or Aramaic.

Others see “Metatron” as a magic word or an adaptation of the name of the pre-Zoroastrian god, Mithra. Some of the most common translations of “Metatron” include:

  • Throne adjacent to the divine throne

  • Keeper of the watch

  • Sharer of the throne

  • Behind the throne

  • Messenger

  • Measurer

  • Protector

  • Guard

  • Guide

  • Taken 

Earliest References to Metatron

While the origins of Metatron remain uncertain, several spiritual texts mention him by name, including the:

  • Third Book of Enoch

  • Talmud

  • Zohar

  • Shi'ur Qomah

  • Apocalypse of Zerubbabel

Likewise, many early Islamic scholars mention Metatron by name in their writings, including:

  • Al-Suyuti

  • Al-Masudi

  • Al-Kindi

  • Al-Buni

  • Hazm

Where Does the Bible Talk About Metatron?

Strictly speaking, you will not find Metatron in the Bible, at least not by name. However, many Jewish mystics believe that any reference to Enoch represents a statement about Metatron. Those who ascribe to this view while walking a spiritual path would say that the Bible mentions Metatron in the following places:

  • Genesis 5:18-24

  • Luke 3:37

  • Hebrews 11:5

  • Jude 1:14

In more recent times, a few curious minds have associated Metatron with Adam and Melchezidek. Others even argue that you can find Metatron in the New Testament in the form of Jesus Christ. However, all references to “Metatron” by name are in apocryphal works, requiring you to explore beyond the canonical Bible to achieve a spiritual awakening in your personal life.

Is Metatron in the Book of Enoch?

Metatron features heavily in the Third Book of Enoch. In 3 Enoch, Rabbi Ishmael Ben Elisha claims to have met and received the protection of Metatron when other angels of God wished to cast the rabbi down from the heavens. Metatron then utters multiple sayings to the rabbi and reveals that he, Metatron, is Enoch.

Is Enoch Metatron?

Many scholars and spiritualists believe that Enoch is Metatron. By extension, most of them will answer in the affirmative if you ask them, "Is Metatron in the Bible?"

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Is Metatron in the Bible?

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