June 27, 2023 — Shani Shoham

Written By: Natalie Nadine 


Greetings! I’m here to guide you through a first hand look at what the term light language means, and all things related to light language.

I’m a mom of 4, a licensed trauma therapist, and an embodied star seed that’s supported by the Arcturians, Lyrans and angelic realms primarily.

I’ve been using light language for the past 2 years and thought I would write a detailed first hand experience to assist you in learning about all aspects of light language.

What is 'Light Language' & Where Does it Come From?

Light language is your Soul’s language that holds your unique frequency or vibration.

Its' specific blueprint is housed in your DNA.

As you begin your ascension journey, you’ll lift more and more density out of your light body. The more density that’s removed via overcoming old programming, shadow work, and healing past trauma- the more you hold space to integrate higher aspects of yourself.

The more aspects of higher self that you can integrate back, the more activated your DNA becomes, and the more likely you’ll have access to your unique DNA activated light language.

All aspects of you hold the blueprint.

We’re tasked with removing enough density to raise our frequency by doing the inner healing (also known as the shadow work).

Light Language is a series of noise frequencies that are communicated to the heart, and through the heart. It doesn’t matter whether you can understand what the noises mean or what is being said. The noises don’t typically translate to any type of language we can process with our auditory system or our brains.

The heart feels the noise and addresses it at a soul level, it’s soul speak.

What is Light Language Used For?

Light Language is primarily used for healing, activations, or the movement of energy.

Because it holds our own personal DNA activated signature, we are often triggered to use light language when near someone who is in need of energy moving, healing, or an activation.

The type of light language that is used for each situation is unique and often the person channeling can identify which type of work they are doing and when.

The deeper frequency-sounding light language is used for healing. A deep tone is sent deep into the person's DNA and it activates a signal to the DNA to remind the body of that which it needs to correct.

Other times we use our language to move energy, this changes the density, and allows us to dissolve heaviness as if we are pouring glitter and light into an area.

When language is used in this way it is called transmuting.

We use a transmuting language along with our hands to actively pull and push the dense energy while we speak to it.

Often we use the transmuting of dense energy to open chakras, and clear areas to allow energy to flow freely.

This process is called “doing grid-work”.

Grid work is done over key areas of Earth to help lift density, light Ley Lines, clear energy to flow freely, and heal the planet.

How do I know the difference between Light Language and gibberish?

Light Language is a form of communication that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 

When we come in contact with Light Language, what we feel is more important than what we think.

When listening to light language it’s best to clear your mind, relax and just let whatever images come forward, come forward.

The purpose of Light Language is to shift our energy to a higher frequency where restoration and healing takes place. This is connected to a deeper ability to recall memories, which we call activations.

At the soul level via our dormant DNA, Light Language can help us heal emotionally and physically, activate dormant gifts, and connect to our ancestors, lost wisdom, and our soul's purpose.

In the video above you can see the difference between humming, garble, and light language. There is a distinct auditory shift and energy feel for each.

When transmitting light language you can feel that something energetic is happening, and you can’t stop until the transmission is completed. It feels like you’re on the best rant of your whole life and you don’t wanna stop.

Humming feels like “when can I stop? why am I doing this? what’s the point of this?”. Garble sounds like a blend of the two.

How To Start Channeling Light Language


Sometimes it's easier to see things in action to help get an understanding on how it looks or feels.

 Above is a video of myself using light language to activate the use of light language for my client. This allows the client to start channeling light language.This specific way of beginning to speak light language, or channeling, is called a light language activation.

Light language activations are typically done via an experienced practitioner, in a controlled and safe environment.

The experienced practitioner will guide you through to an image that is typically energetically charged or has high energy. 

In the case above the client triggered the somewhat spontaneous activation by asking to explore Egypt. There are many sacred places in Egypt, one of them had been calling to her, so she asked about it.

We then dropped into a sacred place of energy.

It's important to note that I had informed her to hum, and just feel the energy. As she began to feel the energy, you can see the energy begin to impact her. The noise coming from her mouth changes and she begins to make a different noise. You can see when she fully surrenders to the energy allowing it to flow through her. You can pinpoint exactly when the energy takes over, it's at that point that clear sounds begin to form and she begins to transmit the energy through her. This is known as channeled light language.

This leads us to recognize the difference between humming, garble/gibberish, and light language. Light Language is the noise that comes out of our mouth but it is, in fact, very very different than just making noise.

How does Light Language serve us?

Light Language can be used for many things. I use it as a way to heal, move energy, and assist other beings.

Generally in session, I use light language when I need to access something, open something, close something, or communicate with other beings. The unique language allows me access to things I typically wouldn’t have access to. The frequency and vibration is felt as a uniquely cut key and when heard, it generates a fast response. The best way I can describe the language is that it feels similar to a sneeze.

As I get close to work that needs to be done, or work that is addressed by my unique light language “key”, then a feeling that's similar to a sneeze begins to build through my body. A familiar tingle begins and builds. It builds to a point where the energy creates pressure in my nervous system and then my body.

If I don’t transmit the language, I typically feel my body jerking and twitching like an individual would if they had tourettes, as it’s involuntary and uncontrollable.

When the language flows, it feels like you just released a really great sneeze. My brain tingles, and I feel refreshed.

This type of light language comes from energy that’s near me triggering my unique DNA strands. This comes from clearing multiple timelines across multiple dimensions to integrate many aspects of my higher self.

Learning more about Light Language

If you’re looking for more information on light language and you’re curious about lifting density, integrating higher aspects of yourself, and learning more about activating your own light language, then you can seek out support from a qualified practitioner who can safely explore the energy fields with you.



Natalie Nadine 


Arcturian Starseed, Grid Worker, Channeler, Healer, and Light Language Activator & Speaker


Candy said:

I have a question I’ve never been able to get an answer for.
Why can’t I successfully surrender to light language?
Here is a backstory. My very first exposure to light languag from an Arcturian starseed was through Soulvana app. I was relaxed for the meditation and English was being spoken.. unexpectedly, light language began (had no idea what it was and that that, was what was happening at the time)
A frontal area on my forehead..understood everything..just was this beautiful knowing that began to fade out.. when apparently my mind kicked in…because it’s as tho the energy flow or transmission.. whatever.. immediately shifted further behind that frontal area of my brain
And I began to scream..unable to remove my earbuds and my nose started bleeding and bleeding hard. I was eventually able to throw my earbuds during this fiasco.

….and now the only thing I can do is listen and hope it’s working..it’s as tho my mind flips a switch..I keep listening to the same thing for the last few years and I’m just stuck. Any thoughts? I keep following this person around on social media and have purchased some activations ..but I can not for the life of me..become unblocked to its power and authenticity.

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