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Encounter the lost race from Lemuria! Several millennia ago, an ancient civilization sank into the Indian Ocean, taking untold wealth and wisdom with it. They referred to themselves as Lemurians. But who are the Lemurians, and what is a Lemurian Starseed? Let's examine their history, philosophy, appearance, and more!

Who Are the Lemurians? Ancestry and Soul Descent

The Lemurians are an ancient, advanced race who once lived on Earth. However, a natural disaster or clash with reptilians destroyed Lemuria.

To survive, the Lemurians left their physical bodies and embarked on an incredible journey.

They also reached out telepathically to Starseeds in other galaxies to create a record of their culture, scientific knowledge, and way of life.

Some Lemurians fled bodily to other planets to preserve their ancient civilization. A handful of Lemurians also became sea creatures, like mermaids, dolphins, and whales.

What Do Lemurians Look Like?

Lemurians do not necessarily conform to a single archetype. Nevertheless, Lemurians tend to exhibit a few shared traits. Find some of the most common physical signs of a Lemurian below.


Lemurians strive for equality in every aspect of their existence. To balance feminine and masculine energies, they present androgynous physical features.

Like the rest of us, Lemurians go through an awkward adolescent period as they work through the challenging aspects of human existence.


Lemurians possess a graceful air, demonstrate perfect manners, and project a calm state of being.

They are quite tall and are considered fine specimens of the human race. Their long limbs flow in gentle movements that give them an underwater, ethereal appearance.


One of the Lemurians' characteristics includes a youthful physical body. It takes a long time before signs of aging begin to emerge in Lemurians. Their hair rarely goes grey.

Some Lemurians have lived more than 200 years, although hard proof of that claim remains unavailable.

Other Signs

Other physical signs can give away a Lemurian. For example, they often have birthmarks that resemble sea creatures, like dolphins, whales, or mermaids. Some birthmarks on their necks might even look like fish gills.

Because they are at home in the water, Lemurians tend to have little to no body hair.

What Is a Lemurian Starseed?

Lemurian Starseeds are one of the most ancient types of Starseed. The legend claims they have human origins because they lived on Earth between 50,000 BC and 8500 BC.

After Lemuria collapsed, Lemurians fled to far-flung galaxies, returning to Earth only as Lemurian Starseeds in modern times.

Lemurian Starseeds are gentle, compassionate spirit beings who come from other solar systems and reincarnate as humans.

They display psychic abilities and perceive higher dimensions, which enables them to hone their sixth sense.

The Lemurian Starseed Calling

A female Lemurian spreads her arms wide under water

The Lemurian Starseed Calling is a two-pronged mission. On the one hand, their Starseed mission involves assisting humanity to work through deep trauma and emotional pain. This restorative action will heal humans, as well as Mother Earth, and launch a global ascension in the Age of Aquarius.

The other Lemurian project concerns the amplification of the kinship between man, Spirit, and nature. The Lemurians love Earth and humans because they once dwelled on this planet. So, now they want to share their wisdom and peace with humans.

6 Signs You Are a Lemurian Starseed

Most Lemurian Starseeds tend to live normal lives, blending in with the rest of society. Still, there are signs you can look for to determine if you are a Lemurian Starseed.

Let's examine some of the most common Lemurian Starseed characteristics.

1. You Have Psychic Powers

You have strong psychic powers that facilitate communication with people who also possess telepathic gifts. Lemurians can also access the Akashic Records, take part in astral travel, and influence other people's thoughts and emotions.

2. You Feel Deeply Connected to Mount Shasta

A Lemurian Starseed will feel drawn to Mount Shasta in California. Native Americans consider the volcanic mountain sacred. Lemurians believe that traces of Lemuria still exist within this mountain.

3. You Love Nature and Want to Protect It

The spiritual DNA of the Lemurian race means you often express a love of nature. The pain of modern human existence will draw a Lemurian Starseed even closer to nature. You harbor a strong desire to protect and preserve nature because you know it offers healing to humanity.

4. You Are Precocious

Due to the long history of their ancient civilization, Lemurian Starseeds are old souls. They speak with purpose and often demonstrate wisdom beyond their age. They are intuitive about their surroundings and can discern a person's energy even without speaking to them.

5. You Are Interested in Heavenly Bodies and Extraterrestrial Beings

Are you fascinated by the planets, stars, and galaxies you see in the sky? Lemurian Starseeds share a deep longing for a home that no longer exists. You believe theories about life beyond our planet and are always willing to learn more about the mysteries of the universe.

6. You Are Inexplicably Drawn to the Ocean

If you feel a connection to the ocean, this could mean that you lived close to the open waters in a previous life. Lemurian Starseeds are natural swimmers and they love to spend time around bodies of water. The taste of the salty sea breeze or the ebb and flow of the waves triggers you at times.

Where Is Lemuria?

Many legends and theories exist regarding the paradise planet Lemuria. The debate continues about the exact location of a lost continent.

Some claim Lemuria was situated in the Pacific Ocean, while others claim the location is west of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean or in the Indian Ocean near the Middle East.

Lemuria was a utopia where living creatures existed with love and compassion for one another.

The white-sand shores stretched for miles, and the lush, green mountains stood guard over this beautiful paradise.

Some people claim that our human ancestors originated from Lemuria.

Today, island life in places like Hawaii, Fiji, and New Zealand still bears some resemblance to the utopian Lemuria spoken of in myths and legends.

What Is a Lemurian Crystal?

Lemurian crystals refract rainbow light onto a table

Lemurian seed crystals are a type of quartz crystal formed from silicon dioxide mineral deposits.

Lemurian quartz possesses calming, magnetic properties that can connect a Lemurian Starseed to the distant planet Lemuria.

Found in the Diamantina area of Brazil and parts of Colombia, Lemurian crystals feature sharp edges, horizontal lines along the body, and high transparency.

The crystals emit positive, healing vibrations. They also clear your consciousness, which provides access to your ancestry and soul descent.

How to Use a Lemurian Crystal

To connect with Lemuria, Lemurian Starseeds tend to make time and space for deep meditation.

Find a quiet, peaceful room and place the Lemurian crystal in front of you.

Before you leave your physical surroundings, make sure you dispel any negative vibes from the room or yourself.

Lemurian seed crystals vibrate with healing properties that encourage tenderness and spark a light in the minds of their users.

They can also give you telepathic powers by stimulating your mind and nervous system.


When did Lemuria sink?

Lemuria is also known as Mu by many people in theosophical circles. The mystic James Churchward promoted the idea that Lemuria was a paradise and more than 60 million people lived on the continent. Churchward believes Lemuria stretched for 5,000 miles and sank below the ocean's surface around 10,000 BC.

What is the Lemurian Philosophy?

The Lemurian philosophy combines reverence for nature, empathy for all, and recognition of the Divine. The gentle Lemurians formed their philosophy over millennia, existing in peaceful harmony with one another. Today, the Lemurian philosophy draws upon Eastern and Western truths as well.

Are Kumari Kandam and Lemuria the same?

There are no clear indications of Lemuria's location, although many interested parties have looked for them. Historians have likened the lost Tamil civilization of Kumari Kandan to Lemuria. Described as the original homeland of the Tamils before sinking into the ocean, Kumari Kandan still holds a prominent place in the myths of Tamil history.

Are You a Lemurian Starseed? | Galactic Federation of Light

At Galactic Federation of Light, we welcome all well-meaning Starseeds. Do you think you might be a Lemurian Starseed? If so, explain why you feel that way in the comments, and we will add your Starseed sign to our list during our next update.


David said:

Thanks for the message it has brought light into my life and though I still don’t understand more about lemurian and galactic I still feel intuitive and attracted to the lake and the nearest river from the time I was still a child. I believe through guidance and support from a good teacher I will awaken and find that which is missing from within
Thanks so much.

Todd said:

Many of the signs did in fact resonate.

Angela Gottman said:

When I woke up to the realization that something incredible had just happened to me I started painting. I had never before had a lesson or any idea that I could paint. But the first pictures were of sea life, angels rising out the water and also I began embrace my intuitive abilities instead of feeling like a freak. I started researching this awakening looking for something familiar. I came across a Facebook account of Meroo Fitter and the teachings of Telos. I started following the teachings in my private times. I went from group to group learning. And I seem to attract everything Lemurian. I ordered Lemurian Mist online to spay before meditation. It came with crystal’s that I still have today. Then one day I decided to commit myself to learning the Lemurian philosophy teachings and I started this just this year. During my lessons I felt so at peace. I was so excited to finally find what felt like home and the power of love and peace and friendship I experience during my lessons and through the messages I received in return from my teachers was so amazing and so full of kindness and gentleness. I have never experienced this connection with any of group. I have been dreaming of going to Mount Shasta and I feel like I am being called there. I also must admit I have not resumed my lessons since the return of an ex boyfriend in my life that share’s my home and the loss of my mother and my best friend and mentor Rey Ra of Auroville disappeared all at the same time. But reading this post gives me hope that not all is lost and I am going to make it a point to follow through with my lessons and trust my intuition that tells me I am a Lemurian Starseed and I am here to do whatever it takes to make you proud of me. I’m coming home soon. I feel you calling me and the love is louder than anything else I feel. Thank you for this message. It’s through tears I send you this reply. Thing’s are a struggle but I am not alone I am greatly Loved. With all my heart I send some back to you saying I look forward to learning and remembering more as my mind accepts what my heart knows already. Thank you Angela Sizemore Gottman

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