Ascension Candle



Introducing GFL's captivating new Ascension Candle, a transformative experience encapsulated within an 11 oz vessel. Immerse yourself in its alluring fusion of Palo Santo, Wonderwood, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Amber notes, carefully harmonized to create a clean and fresh aroma that resonates with intention.

Whether you're meditating, praying, or simply seeking an extraordinary ambiance, this candle provides an unparalleled olfactory journey. Crafted from non-carcinogenic soy wax and enriched with essential oils, it exudes purity while preserving your well-being. Furthermore, the delicate sprinkle of sea salt infuses the candle with an aura of protection and purification, making every moment truly sacred. Elevate your space and elevate your soul with the Ascension Candle from GFL.

Product Details

Soy-Wax Blend Candle

11 oz.

Care Instructions

Remember to trim your wick after every use

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Returns not accepted on this product

Manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles

Our collections are locally manufactured here in downtown LA by the GFL staff.

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Love this!!!