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Demystify one of the most prominent symbols in Sacred Geometry: the Merkaba! Also known as the Merkabah, this geometric shape sparked an entire school of Jewish mysticism after the destruction of the Second Temple. Let’s dig a little deeper into Merkabah mysticism and the star tetrahedron that started it all.

What Is a Merkaba?

A colorful, artistic representation of the Sacred Geometry Merkaba star

Colorful Representation of the Holy Merkaba 

The Merkaba is an ancient sacred geometry symbol that possesses special powers known to balance your life and activate your crown chakra. The symbol often relates to spiritual awakening and ascension.

The Merkaba shape consists of two intersecting tetrahedra. The geometric formation acts as a divine vehicle to initiate deep meditation, dispel negative energy, and assist in healing. One can attain higher realms of consciousness by focusing on the Merkaba symbol.

History of the Merkaba Symbol

The Merkaba star traces its roots to several ancient cultures, especially those of ancient Egypt, Israel, and the East. In each culture, the shape ties into the spiritual practices of several esoteric belief systems.

In the Book of Enoch, Ishmael rides a Merkaba light vessel to meet Archangel Metatron and YHWH in the heavens. There, he receives the answers to all the great mysteries that proved inaccessible to him in his physical form.

Ezekiel and the Chariot

In the Tanakh, or Jewish Bible, the Merkabah serves as a focal point of Ezekiel's vision of God's chariot. However, the word “Merkaba” does not appear in the passages about Ezekiel's vision. But, it does show up 44 times in other parts of the Tanakh.

Academics believe the Merkaba represents the way God and the archangels reveal themselves to the world.

Modern Revival of the Merkaba & Sacred Geometry

Although the Merkaba has served as a powerful symbol for nearly two millennia, it has emerged as a centerpiece to contemporary belief systems. Used as an instrument for spiritual growth, rejuvenation, and finding harmony, the star tetrahedron can be found in Merkaba jewelry, crystals, and even clothing as a powerful channel for drawing energy.

Merkaba meaning Egyptian transliteration of mer-ka-ba to spirit-light-body
Achieve Merkaba Activation for a Divine State of Consciousness

Etymology of the Word Merkaba

The Merkabah originates from several ancient Hebrew texts, including the Tanakh, where it appears as "Merkavah." The term appears in other religions, as well, such as Hinduism and Kemetism, the religion of ancient Egyptians.

In Hebrew, Merkaba, or Merkabah, means "throne-chariot” and comes from early Jewish mysticism.

The Merkaba meaning reveals itself when you break up the term into its three root words: mer-ka-bah. "Mer" stands for "light", "ka" translates to "spirit", and "bah" means "body." When you put the three words together, you get "light-spirit-body," which refers to your body as a vehicle of light, propelling your soul to a state of higher consciousness.

Meaning of the Merkaba

The Merkaba star tetrahedron contains divine light, bringing the physical realm and spiritual realm into full view.


In Kabbalah, the Merkaba operates as a dynamic channel for spiritual ascension. The process involves three elements: the body, spirit, and soul. The upside-down tetrahedron represents the body. The spirit is symbolized by the upright tetrahedron. And, the space in the middle that the two tetrahedrons create holds the soul.

Opposite Energies

Other than serving as a vehicle of light, the ancient symbol also depicts the interplay between opposite energies. According to this viewpoint, the two interlocking tetrahedra of the Merkaba portray opposing energies that achieve harmony through conscious mindfulness. The two tetrahedra also represent a powerful symbol of male and female energy.


Carefully executed breathing techniques can help you connect with your Merkaba and balance the energies of the body and spirit. Controlled breathing will allow the prana to flow to your pineal gland. You can use a Merkaba crystal to cleanse yourself and clear any chakra blockages.

Merkaba Meditation: Spinning in Opposite Directions

After the fall of the Second Temple, Jewish rabbis became convinced that the Merkaba is an energy matrix found in all human beings. It is situated in the center of the human body, near the heart. 


When individuals meditate on the Merkaba, they access their inner truth and can use it as a tool for spiritual and personal development. Merkaba meditation remains a dynamic spiritual practice that can rebalance your chakras and stabilize your vibration.


The two tetrahedrons in the Merkaba symbol are spinning triangles with opposing rotations. One rotates in a clockwise direction and the other in a counter-clockwise direction. These rotations create a powerful energy field. This Merkaba field enables you to access higher realms of consciousness.


The triangular pyramids spinning in opposite directions depict masculine and feminine energy. These opposing energies can merge to harmonize a meditator's physical, psychic, and spiritual bodies.

Other Approaches

Other than standard techniques of meditation, breathing exercises, and visualization, you can also try yoga and dance to achieve Merkaba activation.

Merkaba and Astral Projection

Meditating on the Merkaba also factors into astral projection. Astral projection involves an out-of-body experience where consciousness detaches itself from the physical body and travels to other planes of existence.

Merkaba with two tetrahedrons in the cosmos
Double Tetrahedron Star, Similar to the Star of David

What Is Merkaba Activation?

Discover the physical and spiritual benefits of Merkaba activation. While the stress of modern life seems to increase with every passing day, Merkaba meditation allows us to summon powerful protection against negative forces and heal any damage sustained by our souls.

Find out what a Merkaba is, how to activate your Merkaba, and which spiritual and physical benefits you can expect once your Merkaba awakens.

A Merkaba is a powerful tool for enlightenment, allowing us to experience enhanced awareness, spiritual growth, and higher levels of consciousness through Merkaba meditation.

However, to begin this path of self-actualization and enlightenment with a Merkaba, you must first understand its true meaning and significance.

Purpose of the Merkaba

In light of the Merkaba's dual heritage, consisting of two colossal world cultures, we begin to grasp the concept of the Merkaba as a conduit that forms a connection between ourselves and the universe – a tool for reaching a higher dimension of existence.

This “chariot” represents the mystical means by which one can ascend to the realm of the Holy One and share in eternal bliss, which is the soul’s ultimate purpose.

Activating Your Merkaba: How to Activate Merkaba Online in 4 Steps

Unless you are an indigo child or some other type of Starseed, your Merkabah requires activation before you can harness its power.

The spin of the Merkabah's two pyramids during Merkaba activation meditation allows it to reach out and establish a connection with celestial energies.

To get the two pyramids of Merkaba spinning in harmony, you must meditate and visualize them. Many people are able learn Merkaba online before they even approach a spiritual guide.

How to activate your Merkabah through Merkaba meditation
Abstract Representation of Merkabah Activation

Step #1: Meditation

Like most forms of meditation, Merkabah meditation requires a peaceful, quiet place to focus your intent for optimal effectiveness.

Step #2: Visualization of the Merkaba Cube

Once you feel ready, begin by visualizing the Merkaba’s points of intersection. Then, set the interlocking pyramids in opposing rotational motion, and allow them to gain momentum.

Step #3: Merkaba Breathing

While focusing on controlled breathing, notice how the Merkaba generates light that increases in intensity as the Merkabah spins in opposite directions on the same axis.

Step #4: Opening Your Chakras

Used for centuries by monks and ascetics to improve meditation and spirituality, many Merkabah meditation practitioners find the opening of their chakras indispensable for activating their Merkabas.

Because the opening of chakras requires meditation, visualization, and controlled breathing, it serves as an effective buildup to Merkaba meditation and activation.

Merkaba in Sacred Geometry

The Merkaba’s two tetrahedrons represent a sacred, ancient symbol. Its base geometry permits significant vibrational fluctuations, which actively disperse negative energies. You can find the shape contained within Metatron's Cube.

When Merkabah activation occurs, the Merkaba energy vibrates at higher frequencies than almost every other geometric shape, giveing it an unparalleled ability to assist us in adapting our spiritual needs to our environments.

The Merkaba’s power to conquer negative emotional energy through geometry allows us to unblock our chakras and promote inner balance.

Benefits of Merkaba Activation

Merkabah mysticism offers profound benefits in many aspects of life. Many Merkabah meditation practitioners report improved healing and spiritual protection, as well as deep, unconditional love for themselves and others. A few people who have activated their Merkabas have found their twin flame as a result.

Once it activates, your Merkaba clothes you in spiritual armor. This armor of energy slowly envelopes you and connects you to the forces of the universe, increasing your perception and cognition – allowing you to see the world in a new light.

When your Merkaba light vessel stabilizes its connection with the upper dimensions, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Less fear
  • Reduced negativity
  • Fewer intrusive thoughts
  • Higher confidence
  • Improved self-worth


What are Merkaba crystals?

Merkaba crystals are crystals shaped into a sacred geometric form. These crystals possess various positive vibrations and energies. The combination of the Merkaba star and the crystal speeds up healing, balance, and manifestation for the wearer. Some of the most popular crystals used are amethyst, rose quartz, tourmaline, and others.

A Merkaba crystal is placed over the Third Eye of a male for spiritual healing

Merkaba Meditation Practiioner Utilizing a Merkaba Crystal 

What does a Merkaba symbol tattoo mean?

A Merkaba symbol tattoo means that the wearer studies Sacred Geometry and walks the spiritual path. The tattoo is a physical representation of the soul and serves as a reminder that we are more than just flesh and bones.

What is a Merkaba used for?

A Merkaba is used for several different spiritual practices. Some of the most common uses for a Merkaba include:

  • Meditating

  • Light-seeking

  • Deep healing

  • Chakra balancing

What is the shape of the Merkaba star tetrahedron?

Like the Star of David, Merkaba symbols appear to consist of two opposing triangles to create a six-pointed star. However, the Merkaba is actually two intersecting tetrahedra. Each tetrahedron, or equilateral pyramid, contains four triangular faces and four vertices.

How does a Merkaba look?

The Merkaba symbol and Star of David look very similar. But, instead of two opposing, interlocking 2D triangles, imagine two opposing, interlocking 3D pyramids.

What does the Merkaba symbolize?

All Merkaba symbols represent the relationships between male and female, light and dark, spiritual and physical. Both sides must work together for you to find new meaning in your life and reach maximum fulfillment.

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