January 26, 2023 — Ben Lewis

Behold the prophecy of 144,000 light workers who have come to save the world! As time moves forward, our favorite passages from scripture take on new meanings. Discover who the 144,000 are, why they are here, and whether you are one of them. 

Who Are the 144,000 Lightworkers? 

The 144,000 lightworkers stand together as God's people mentioned in sacred texts who will bring light into the world. 

The prophecy says that these individuals, anointed by the Holy Spirit and subservient to God's power, already reside among us and await their awakening.

Many of them may not remember who they are or what they are destined to do.

Why Are They Here?

Lightworkers demonstrate a high aptitude for healing, reconciliation, and connection. 

Their deep sense of purpose and intuitive understanding of the spiritual realm acts as a bridge between the layman and the Divine. 

It is only a matter of time before they realize their destiny and bring forth God's glorified earth.   

Are the 144,000 Lightworkers Mentioned in the Bible? 

To understand who the 144,000 lightworkers are, we should look to the Apocalypse of John in the Bible, beloved by faithful Christians and anyone interested in serving God.

The Biblical 144,000 in the Book of Revelation

The 144,000 lightworker prophecy was written by an exiled follower of Jesus Christ and author of the Book of Revelation, John of Patmos.

The Book of Revelation 7:4 speaks about a great multitude of lightworkers who will live through a multi-year tribulation period.

The 144,000 in Revelation will enjoy the guardianship of the living God, receiving special protection from the darkness.

Modern Interpretations Guided by the Holy Spirit

While the Bible does not specifically mention the sealing of the 144,000 light workers, modern interpretation suggests Heavenly Church members are marked with God's seal and designated as spiritual leaders who will guide us through the darkest moment in history. 

Once awakened, the 144,000 will be the first seeds to sprout up and redeem Israel, with four angels standing by as witnesses. 

What Is the Significance of the Number 144,000?

In the New Testament, Revelations 7:5-8 describes 144,000 as the number of people that come from the twelve tribes of Israel, 12,000 from each tribe.

What Does 144,000 Signify?

All 144,000 lightworkers will heed the call of God's loud voice and have their names written in the Book of Life.

The number 144,000 is a sacred number that signals the transformation of the world once all lightworkers are awakened.

What Will the 144,000 Lightworkers Do?

The great multitude of chosen light warriors from all the tribes of Israel will become such a force that no one can stop them.

The darkness will have no choice but to watch us free ourselves from the grip of the shadows, aided by the Ascended Masters

Are You One of the 144,000 Light Workers? - GFL

Search within yourself to reveal whether your name is written within the Book of Life as one of the 144,000 light workers. 

No one knows for sure whether their names are written down by the Heavenly Scribe, which would mean they are saved and will experience eternal life. 

All we can do is dispel any darkness we encounter and shine as much of our light as we can. 

GFL supports all conscious spiritual beings who are here to experience the human journey and the discovery of the divinity that resides within each of you. 


Terry Black said:

I’m s way seer. And one of the 144,000.I’ve been tested for over a year. Under the protection of secret societies and governments around the world. My life has been a whirlwind I didn’t have a clue till I was done training there are many now waiting for our appointment!

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