December 31, 2023 — Shani Shoham

By Natalie Nadine (@divinetransmissions)

As I awoke one morning, I began my customary routine of attuning myself to the energy fields enveloping me, and asking myself the question “How can I best serve and support humanity today?”

The response echoed a resolute message, urging me, “It’s time to support the healers”. 

I am Natalie Nadine, devoted to nurturing the spiritual evolution of humanity. My role in this life involves receiving messages that serve as catalysts, stirring the depths of cellular memories and latent knowledge within individuals. 

This particular quest in my journey involves a comprehensive exploration into the realm of "The Indigo Child", which I believe will assist in activating the memories of the healers. 

Coined by Nancy Tappe , who first observed children adorned with the Indigo aura in the 1970s, the term "Indigo Child" might ring familiar to some, evoking thoughts like, "Ah, yes, I've heard of that before—the Indigo child."

It's crucial to understand that the designation transcends age, emphasizing alignment with one's soul purpose rather than chronological years. Anyone, regardless of age can be an Indigo Child, as it’s less about age, and more to do with your soul’s purpose. 

The Indigo Child race finds its roots in the starseed family, a collective of healers that can be categorized into three distinct types. Let’s break down the healing types so you have a better idea of where you might fit in, and your soul purpose.

The Type One Indigo: The Healers of the Planet 


Type One Indigos are the healers of the land, their communities, and the planet. They possess an innate connection to the Earth's vibrational tapestry and the intricate grid system it harbors. Imbued with a profound understanding of Sacred Geometry, these individuals masterfully navigate the energy fields of the Earth, primarily through their engagement with Ley lines.

Individuals belonging to this group might find that they have the urge to travel to different areas, or have jobs that require them to travel. Some Type One Indigos move to specific lands, intuitively resisting the urge to depart. This deep connection is more than a sentiment; it is embedded in the codes within their very beings. These codes act as conduits, transmitting healing energies to the land, initiating a process of awakening, rejuvenation, and empowerment. The healing energy that transfers from the Indigo person to the area supports the planet as it moves to assist us in ascending.

Responding to a higher calling, these beings often establish hubs—small communities that blossom into safe zones of elevated light frequencies. This can often look like an off grid community, or a home where you’re conscious of raising the vibration. 

People naturally gravitate towards Type One Indigos and the lands they are connected to, sensing a safe and comfortable haven. This magnetic pull contributes to the creation of communities where individuals gather to foster a sustainable and harmonious existence, playing an integral role in the collective journey toward ascension.

As they begin to awaken to their calling, Type One Indigos may experience bodily sensations or pressure, a phenomenon alleviated by the intuitive motion of their hands or the emergence of vocal expressions, evolving into the unique realm of light language healing.

Other times these individuals feel a need to sing, or make noises. This often progresses into light language healing. This exploration of Type One Indigos seamlessly paves the way for a deeper understanding of Type Two Indigos, the healers of humanity on a personal and interpersonal level.

Type Two Indigo: The Etheric Healers


While Type One Indigos stand as custodians of the planetary template, fostering healing energies for Earth, Type Two Indigos emerge as dedicated healers of the human DNA template, delving into the intricate realms of etheric healing.

These healers focus their efforts on the light body—a luminous, ethereal counterpart to the physical form, akin to perceiving the aura field of an individual. The light body mirrors the human body in structure, encompassing identical organs, and serves as a canvas for adjustments that optimize its functioning. 

The Type Two indigos are charged with the power of etheric healing, or ‘psychic surgery’. They are able to see what is happening in another’s body, and work to heal the light body of the person. The changes made to a person’s light body transcend dimensions, where the work takes place in the 5D and is then translated and integrated into the 3D reality here on Earth. Transformation can be made on a cellular level, to a specific organ, on blood flow, or even hormonally. 

Changes made to the light body do not yield negative impacts on the individual receiving the healing treatment. Guided by their purpose, the Type Two Indigo will intuitively move their hands as if by unseen forces. As these hands traverse the light body, the Indigo healer gains insight into the intricate workings of different organs, witnessing the dynamic processes of energetic manipulation.

The movements of the Type Two Indigo's hands, whether channeling light energy or delicately extracting and correcting abnormalities, reflect a sustained connection to the healing frequencies that resonate within the ethereal dimensions. It is within this realm that the healer undertakes a form of ‘psychic surgery’, orchestrating subtle but impactful changes to nurture the well-being of the individual's holistic being.

Psychic Surgery: What Healing the Light Body Looks and Sounds like

In addition to their innate healing abilities, Type Two Indigos frequently seek knowledge in practices like Reiki or plant medicine. Driven by instinct or calling, they often feel compelled to place their hands on people or within a person's energy field, a spontaneous act that occurs almost effortlessly.

At times, Type Two Indigos may experience auditory signals, such as frequency noises resonating in their minds or vibrations coursing through their bodies. These sensory cues serve as additional conduits for their healing insights, providing a unique dimension to their intuitive understanding of energetic dynamics.

Type Two Indigos are strong healers and have a natural ability to just intuitively know what is needed in the healing process of another. 

Type Two Indigos are supported by many other beings such as the Arcturians, Angels, and other Starseed beings. This collaborative assistance enhances their healing prowess, creating a harmonious synergy between the earthly healer and the cosmic forces that align to foster holistic well-being. This cosmic alliance further validates the exceptional nature of Type Two Indigos and the profound impact they bring to the realm of spiritual and energetic healing.

Type Three Indigo: The Transmutational Healer


The final type of Indigo Starseed is the type three healer who heals through integration. 

Oftentimes these are the individuals who have the challenging task of transmuting fear into love. Through many cycles here on earth, humans have undergone challenging times. 

It is the role of this particular Indigo to assist with transmuting these energies to a higher vibration.

I have a channeled message for this type of Indigo: At this time you are being assisted by other beings to clear the lower vibrational frequency of fear out, and you are being called to embody the frequency of love. 

The interstellar entities assisting are pleased to inform you that there is no need to manufacture love energy; we humans are already authentically generating the powerful energy of love.  

Your role as the Type Three Indigo has shifted to supporting this flow of love energy while continuing to be mindful of any fear and lower vibrational energies so they can be effectively integrated. 

Signs that you might be a Type Three include: 

  • You have been labeled as having ADHD, Autism, or other learning or behavioral ‘abnormalities’ or advancements. 
  • You have a harder time regulating your hormones and metabolism 
  • You experience physical aches, and/or have random strange pains or rashes
  • You seem to have one challenging moment after another, but you are buoyant and recover with ease and agility

Type Three Indigo Starseeds embody a profound cosmic mission as the vanguards of planetary purification, wielding their transformative energies to systematically clear the Earth and transmute ancient karmic cycles from fear into the radiant essence of love. Their role transcends conventional healing, encompassing a sacred duty to elevate the collective consciousness and facilitate a grand shift toward love-based frequencies.

Indigo Starseeds Grand Purpose 

In the grand tapestry of cosmic purpose, the Indigo Starseeds, collectively embodying Types One, Two, and Three, converge as celestial agents with a unified mission. Manifesting on Earth with the overarching intent to disrupt cyclic patterns, mend the collective wounds, and forge connections steeped in the transformative embrace of love, these beings carry the mantle of spiritual evolution.

Overall the indigo children came to earth to break cycles, heal the collective, and bring people together in a loving vibration that’ll help sustain us as we charge ahead.

Ultimately, the Indigo children, in their various types, emerge as harbingers of unity, beckoning us to connect with ourselves, each other, and the planet in unprecedented ways. Their radiant vibrations resonate with a loving frequency that holds the key to sustaining us through the cycles ahead. As we navigate these transformative times, the Indigos stand as luminous guides, inviting humanity to rediscover the profound interconnectedness that binds us together on this cosmic journey. 


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Wow! Amazing explanation! Thank you!!

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Love this! Resonates deeply

Barbara said:

Aloha and Thank You for this article! I am 40% Indigo, born in 1963. To say there is no manual for this is an understatement. It helps so much to know there are others out there, I have currently been ‘trapped’ in Vegas grounding energy in preparation for new arrivals that need help and/or that I can work with! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel … and it is not a train – haha ;) Happy New Year! Barbara

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