June 07, 2022 — Ben Lewis

From a young age, a light seeker will intuitively know what the term "lightworker" means, even if they can not define it.

Individuals who recently embarked on their metaphysical journeys may long for a crystalline definition to anchor their conscious mission to add more light to this world. 

To support anyone experiencing a spiritual awakening in life, we offer the following explanation in lieu of those snobby spiritual tests.

What Are Lightworkers? 

Female lightworker with stars in her hair works with a ball of light

Even the most adept spiritualists may struggle to define what the term "lightworker" means because doing so involves an attempt at describing a naturally spiritual entity in physical terms.

Most people define it as someone who experiences a soul awakening, a life-changing event that unifies their consciousness and prepares them for the intense journey of self-work ahead.

By performing shadow work on themselves, they are, in turn, more ready to perform light work on the world around them, join the larger whole of humanity and shine their light more brilliantly. As within, so without.

One definition appears more often than the others when someone asks what a lightworker is: A lightworker fashions the world into a brighter place for all of us by enhancing the planetary vibrational field and shining their bright light anywhere they find dark energy.

To embody the light workers meaning, they must share their light to elevate global consciousness.

What Gives Us Meaning in Life?

Lightworking means focusing all of one’s attention and energy toward magnifying the amount of radiance in the world. The higher our vibration, the brighter the light.

Many lightworkers often receive the incredible gift of Merkaba activation as they continue to forge a strong connection with the collective consciousness and pursue their higher purpose.

Lightworking requires patience, perseverance, and sacrifice because initiating a global awakening takes time.

A lightworker wholeheartedly makes conscious changes in life, drifting away from some of their old relationships because they are no longer an energetic match with certain friends and family.

As spiritual beings who take corporeal forms, we will make a conscious decision to forge new bonds with all members of the lightworking community.

Your Own Authentic Light Worker

Many of us spend our whole life in a largely unconscious state. However, in the 1980s, spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad zeroed in on the lightworkers and gave them a name.

More than just tie-dye wearing hippies, we bring light and our unique gifts to increase consciousness, help others feel good, and drive out darkness.

If you feel like you have a firm grasp of what we are and what we do, then it’s only natural that your follow-up query may be, “Am I a light worker?

Types of Lightworkers | Countless Souls Awakening

A person meditates before undertaking some lightworking tasks

The title of "lightworker" applies to conscious souls all over the world who focus on self-awareness and self-growth by their very nature. Any person who experiences an awakening of the soul while still here on Earth has experienced one of the signs of being a lightworker.

A lightworker wholeheartedly makes an effort to raise the energy levels of at least one person each day as part of a higher calling. This practice is why they find their twin flames at a higher rate than the majority of the population.

How most lightworkers alive intend achieve higher thought and alleviate fear in the world will vary.

From the boardroom to the classroom to the art room, you can encounter different types of lightworkers almost anywhere.

1. Spiritual Guides and Healers

Spirit guides are crucial because they shine bright light to keep dark energy away from light seekers. Many spirit guides are ascended masters.

As their title suggests, spiritual guides help people discover themselves as unique, metaphysical beings, like life coaches for the soul. 

The main task for guides involves identifying light seekers when they encounter them.

Healers are what most people think of when imagining a lightworker Starseed. They are energetically sensitive to other people's feelings, healing the psychological wounds that we all try to hide.

They occupy a special place in lightworker society because they demonstrate exceptional intuitiveness regarding the needs of fellow living beings. They also exhibit soul healing powers.

Violent films and TV news can easily place this type of light worker in a bad mood.

2. Manifestors and Visionaries

Manifesting lightworkers tend to augment the elemental core of light transformation, paving the way for other lightworkers to seek access to them. 

Manifestors possess gifts that enable them to channel their inner spirit and transfigure the universal power into tangible, cognizable substantiations that collective humanity can appreciate.

The energies generated during a lightworker manifestation facilitate the appearance of what they want in their lives. Lightworking manifestors enjoy considerable success with 369 manifestation.

Visionaries chart courses for making the world a better place in ways that extend beyond our immediate perception and most familiar forms.

Their high aptitude for predicting positive change accelerates the emergence of new realities in lightworking.

Visionaries rely on waking visions, nocturnal dreams, Angel numbers, and déjà vu to guide them through the universe.

3. Mediators and Messengers

Mediators act as peacemakers by settling conflicts between two or more people.

They magnify points of agreement and minimize displeasure that arises in personal, professional, and romantic relationships. 

Mediators open up common paths for people to walk together without internal strife or outward animosity. 

Messengers possess oratory gifts that make powerful impacts on the lives around them. Many messengers are also Arcturians.

Their verbal prowess may stem from years of experience or a profound allowance by a higher power intended to spread the message of love, light, peace, and harmony. 

Messengers touch souls through their magnetic charisma and subtle inner auras. Many famous lightworkers in the bible were messengers.

4. Transmuters and Adventurers

A transmuter lightworker possesses the uncanny ability to flip energies.

Wherever they go, they fulfil their spiritual calling by transmuting unfavorable states of mind into positive outlooks through alchemy of the soul.

Transmuters dispel negative atmospheres, thereby establishing equilibrium in the world again.

Adventurers brave the elements — literally or metaphorically — to discover new worlds.

Always in touch with Mother Earth, adventurers feel restless whenever they experience a dimming of their aura.

Their gazes always fixate on new ground and future possibilities as they illuminate the way forward for future generations. 

5. Dreamers and Myrrh-Bringers

Dreamers have an unlimited supply of imagination, envisioning worlds that exist outside of the known realm. Many dreamers are indigo children.

They conceive of new dimensions in multi-layered realities that combine into a cumulative multiverse and recreate what they see back on Earth. 

Their conscious state means they remain inquisitive and flexible for much of their lives after achieving Merkaba activation.

Myrrh bringers often assume roles overlooked by many lightworkers in the spiritual community, meaning they are willing to care for the sick and the dead in an attempt to make the world a brighter place, even if only for a short time.

They attend a crucial stage in a person’s life — when an individual weakens and rests on a deathbed.


What is a lightworker to you? A brave old soul who experiences a spiritual awakening and makes the conscious decision to join the battle of light versus darkness? Display your allegiance to the Light by ordering your Light Worker hoodie today! Don the Stripe of Light. Wear your Truth.

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Crystal M said:

Rose Williams, I like you are having similar issues and also my husband is the devil in my film as well. My awakening happened October 7th and it’s been spiritual warfare since. I’ve always been out and about and never a homebody. I stay away from EVERYONE, Just wanting peace, quiet and some serenity to myself. I’m happiest when it’s just my dog and myself. I walk my dog in nature and I feel so at home. Now my body is going through transformation and the download to me is in full effect. I have the ear ringing and having psychic visions and seeing shadows. It truly is a beautiful transformation but scary as well cuz you don’t know what is happening but know in the end all will be beautiful and life fulfilling. Thank you ICF for giving us the guidance and meaning to the things happening to us and why.

Rose Williams said:

I love this article.
thank you so much on bringing to light some of the answers I’ve been needing latly. I had my awakening in Jan. 2 days before my birthday and I havent been the same since. …now what? What did I do with this “new me”
I have fallen into depression and have had many nervous breakdowns (one just last night) and I feel “trapped” like I’m in a video game, I cant escape this little world I’m in. Like I m only allowed to go to a certain boundary line and mostly everyone I’ve known has “disappeared”. I always think of Dolores Cannon when she speaks about me being the producer, writer and actor in my own play. Its very strange to me and I’m trying to get a grasp of it all. I really just want to be happy. But I’m miseable and I feel like im in Hell, Literally being driven Insaine and my husband is the Devil or the “bad guy” in my film. I really need some answers and some guidance. please help. I know I’m not crazy

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